5 Best Explainer Videos for Banking and Finance

According to the old adage, you should “make your money work for you in addition to working for your money.” This is a solid philosophy for financial and banking solutions. But as an institution in the finance and bank world, how can you ensure potential customers know exactly how your financial services or solutions will … Read more

Important Aspects To Consider When Buying A Commercial Insurance Cover

Businesses are constantly at risk of losing money. Unexpected events can impose a significant financial burden on your company that you may have yet to anticipate. Some unfortunate and unforeseeable small businesses cannot recover from such a substantial financial loss.  However, depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between various types of business … Read more

Popular Car Insurance Myths Debunked

Any first-time purchaser of car insurance would have gotten a lot of dos and don’ts regarding the type of insurance to get, as well as where and from whom. But even then, we frequently fail to distinguish between myth and reality. While suggestions and opinions are helpful, nothing beats a reality check from within. Before … Read more

Are The 20s Considered Early To Buy Term Insurance?

People in their 20s today are very knowledgeable and passionate about living their lives and developing a steady profession. They begin to understand their obligations at a young age and make thorough financial plans. The purchase of a term life insurance policy to give your family members a financially secure future is one of the … Read more

Know what is financial analysis & its importantance in different industries

While you may know that a thorough financial reporting procedure is vital, you may not know its untapped potential or power.  Financial analysis is known as the bedrock of modern organizations.  It offers a high level of insights that assist businesses in staying compliant while they streamline their expenditure-centric initiatives or income across the board.  … Read more

Enter debt-oriented hybrid funds with a three-year minimum horizon

Hybrid funds are mutual fund schemes that provide investors with exposure to both debt and equity instruments. By combining different types of assets together in one portfolio, hybrid mutual funds aim to offer investors the potential to minimise risk on their investments while also achieving market-beating returns.   A hybrid fund is termed as a debt-oriented … Read more

How to Buy Crypto in Ukraine?

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Why should you use a demo trading account?

A demo account is a type of trading platform that offers a real-time experience without real money. It allows anyone to practice and familiarise themselves with how a financial market operates while having fun. Utilising a mock investment gives beginners a chance to try out their skills in an environment where they can learn from … Read more

Vad är räntan på företagslån?

Det kan vara svårt att veta. Vad är räntan på företagslån? Det finns flera typer av ränta du kommer att bekanta dig med. Nominell ränta, effektiv ränta, reporänta, rörlig och fast, är det vanligaste begreppen när det kommer till räntor. Men vad är skillnaden mellan nominell ränta och effektiv ränta? Vad är skillnaden mellan rörlig … Read more