Five considerations for choosing a contract management system

Technology benefits us in numerous ways as we have many options to choose from when selecting automation processes such as contract management software. With the many alternatives available, making an appropriate selection can prove tricky and confusing.

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What is a contract management system? 

A contract management system enables companies to automate processes by managing contract agreements and everything about vendors, shareholders, partners, and employees. Contract management systems are gaining popularity since they transform how organizations handle business processes.

If you are contemplating purchasing a contract management system for your business, below are some key factors to assist you in making an informed decision.

Simple to navigate 

The ultimate success of any contract management system relies on whether teams will make an effort to learn and try it out. Willingness to learn will depend on ease of use, convenience, and a positive user experience that will encourage an initial trial and, ultimately, consistent long-term use of the system.

Ensure that the contract management system you choose is simple enough for every team member to navigate. Also, make sure that it is compatible with the tools your business is already using.

As you shop around for a solution, ensure that the contract management system has various error-free templates that allow you to create and edit a contract efficiently with minimal effort. Availability of simple customization actions, workflow automation, and centralized repository ensure navigation and search are simple and any team member can access the system.

A contract management system with these features will save time and money, empower teams, ensuring an easy-to-use platform that will simplify complicated contract management processes.


Collaboration capabilities

A commendable contract management system should allow contract shareholders to create, manage, edit, execute, assign, and share files within the shortest time possible. Teams should not spend all their energy and time drafting contracts at the expense of productivity. A good system should give direction and automate repetitive tasks maintaining efficiency and speed in the process.

Since teams will share and upload sensitive and confidential documents, the contract management system must be safe and secure, protecting all data irrespective of how many individuals have access to the platform. Companies and organizations must have faith in the contract management system that their plans and company secrets will remain secure on the platform.

When the system is efficient and processes move swiftly, sales teams can quickly land opportunities and secure customers by engaging in marketing options once the contract agreement process is complete.

Electronic signing documents has greatly improved efficiency while reducing time spent on bureaucratic processes, as experienced in the past. It would be helpful to choose a contract management system that allows for the electronic signing of documents.

A proper contract management system should ensure a document is signed, sealed, and shared quickly. As efficiency improves, so will productivity and profit margins.

A key benefit of a contract management system is that it allows documents to be accessed from a central location, where every team has access to the files, whether within your company or the client’s company. Collaboration of this nature minimizes the back and forth emails and saves a lot of time.

A contract management system gives insights on the status of your contracting process, whereby it is possible to tell if clients have opened documents or if it is waiting for approval.

Shop around for a system that enables users to analyze engagement, track documents, monitor statistics, export data, and compare document versions.


Allows customization 

A helpful contract management system should align with your business processes and fit your business and not the other way round. Customizable contract management should assist users in gaining invaluable insights and being able to experiment on workable strategies to improve contract management processes.

The contract management system should help you manage risk by interpreting legally binding language and identifying editable areas to prevent risk for the company. Furthermore, the software should effectively track contracts in real-time, noting time limits for each activity.

Integrate automation in the contract management process to simplify daily tasks while ensuring the smooth running of the entire process. Automation helps you save time and utilize that time on key company functions. It also allows you to generate personalized contracts with customized templates, combined statistics, and pre-approved content.

Managing risk 

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Owing to the sensitive nature of contracts, you should ensure the document is error-free since this can expose the company to risk. Thankfully, a contract management system gives users visibility into all risks their contract may be exposing them to.

Delivery and storage options

Contract management systems enable users to view and sign a contract online, saving them a lot of time to utilize elsewhere. Some systems allow companies to carry out the entire contracting process within the platform.


Before you settle for a specific type of contract management solution, ensure that you have done your due diligence to determine whether the selected solution will benefit your business.