How to Become Data Scientist After Graduation

Data Scientist is one of the successful careers in today’s era. Every person in the era is showing interest to become the part of MNC or to become Entrepreneurship.

Since the growth of the businesses is not hidden and it is just because of Big data analysis and the persons working behind the success i.e Data Scientist. Once can land a dream job as a Data Scientist by enrolling in Data Science Courses by experts.

How to become data scientist will be the first question which arises between the youngsters and what need to do or what are the skills? This article will comprise all the questions related to Data scientist, as a career path.

There are numerous sites available over the internet which give relevant information about data analysis, uses and many more. Although, it needs a basic knowledge about it. But there are certification courses like Data science certification which avail the data knowledge from the basic to the highest level. Explore the deep knowledge by taking a deep tour through the course.

Before you begin, start preparing a checklist of your interest, do you really like statistics and programming, and at what level, are you versatile enough to adapt the new technologies, can you work on average salary and many more. If not, then this field may not be perfect. We are not saying you can’t do or achieve in this field. There are various other ways which start from the basic but you need a keen interest and persistence because the voyage needs patience and hard work as well. Working on these two constraints can make you set a benchmark on this field.

Start building technical skill

According to a survey, the most demanding languages are Python, R, and SQL. In addition, the data scientist acquires knowledge of Java, MATLAB, Scala and C, C++. These programming languages are often used in the companies.

Also, you need to know about machine learning algorithms, probability, statistics and applied mathematics. Subjects like Lagrange, quadratic programming, gradient descent and so on, will give you the strong foundation on this field. In addition, you need to acquire data visualisation tools as well such as Datawrapper, D3.js, Highcharts etc.

It does not need a degree in Data Science. In fact, it is not a foolproof way to achieve in this field. Any person with a bachelor degree in computer science, economics, mathematics, statistics, finance, natural sciences, liberal arts etc is way better to enter in this field.

According to data science research, 20% of experts in data analysis are holding a computer science degree. However, 47% have master’s degree or a Ph.D. degree in machine learning, data science, and AI.

Improve Soft Skills

You must be thinking what’s the role of soft skill in the field of data science, which is all around mathematics, statistics, programming, and technology. But, to express the knowledge in the workplace, you need to work on your communication skills, cultural and emotional intelligence etc.

As data science is more about new ideas, an innovation which only comes with curiosity, to learn more. Companies are not only searching for the candidate who can serve themselves but also who can ask questions for better understanding.

Building Community

Last but not the least is building community. Network building can help you grow at a faster rate and also make you smart to tackle the problems. Start attending conferences, exhibitions, workshops and other relevant gatherings such that you can learn and enhance your skills. Also, the Internet can play a vital role in this process. It works as a platform for several other skilled people, communities, MNC’s etc. through these mediums you will get a help to enter in the world of data science. In addition, you can prepare yourself through online classes as well.