How to win at Gamezy?


Fantasy cricket is a game that is being played online where you can form a team comprising real cricket players of your choice. The players are selected based on their performancesin the previous matches and points are generated as per the performance of the chosen players in that real-life match. When your selected team score high then there are better chances of your winning in that match.

How to play?

It is very easy to play fantasy cricket at Gamezy. You need to follow the required steps mentioned below:

  • You first need to choose the match that you want to participate in
  • You should join one among various contests
  • You need to form your team
  • You need to win and draw your cash

Selection of players

You need to first make a thorough assessment of the pitch as it plays a very crucial role. You need to make sure that whether it is a pitch suitable for either batting or bowling. If the pitch favors the batsman, select more batsman in the team and if it is a bowling one, then select more bowlers in the team. You should always take into consideration the performances of players in previous matches. Depending on all these factors you can select players for your team.


  • Players not included in XIcannot perform: You have to choose those players who will be playing in the XI. The best part of the Gamezy app is that you can edit the team half an hour before the commencement of the match.
  • Look for batsmen in batting positions: You need to select at least3-4 batsmen from both the teamsto get an optimal opportunity to score high runs.
  • Select players based on their past performances: You should always select a player in form as this will offer you more opportunities to win. Selecting a player in the form will benefit you more as compared to choosing the one who has not done fairly well. Also, see how the player has performed on the same pitch in previous matches.
  • Keep an eye on the pitch and weather report: You should thoroughly check the pitch and analyse the weather report.
  • Opting for bowler: The economy of the bowler does not make much difference but wickets do. You should always go for those bowlers who are leading in taking wickets.


Once you are done with the selection of squad for the best 11, then focus on choosing the captain and vice-captain of for the team.


Joining contests

There are various mega contests where players participate to earn more. The entry fee is very nominal in these contests. Gamezyapp has designed various contests to attract a maximum number of participants so that they can win.

Are fantasy cricket games legitimate?

In India, fantasy cricket games are permissible. These games include skill aspects, such as knowledge, expertise, and thoughtfulness.