Top 5 Benefits of Using Buckwheat Pillows

You have done all the research for your new mattress and picked the best mattress protector. Now, selecting a set of pillows to compliment this fabulous purchase, you come across buckwheat pillows as an option. The hull filled pillows at first befuddle you on why those would make a good option for your sleep regime. Below are five of the best benefits of these all-natural pillows.

Cooling Options

With a buckwheat pillow, cooling your pillows for a good night sleep is as easy as putting them in the freezer. These can also be microwaved for those nights when a hot compress is just what your head needs. These natural hulls do breathe easily and adjust to room temperatures, with the added options for you to cool or heat to your preference without breaking down the materials.

Mold to You

Unlike traditional materials in pillows, the processed hulls that fill these buckwheat pillows move around in the casing. This means that the hulls adjust and mold to your head and neck throughout the night. This movement allows for a personalized sleep experience to help support your good night’s sleep.

Natural Materials

Through the manufacturing processes of synthetic materials, most pillows have chemicals, and synthetic materials applied. The importance of natural material mattress protectors and natural buckwheat pillows, is they provide a more eco-friendly option for your sleep. Buckwheat is a naturally grown and organic option to manufacture pillows. This allows you to breathe easily, knowing precisely what you are breathing in at night when resting your head.

Smells Wonderful

Most pillows have no smell or an enhanced chemical odor at best. These types of pillows have a natural and fresh scent. Again a benefit of these natural fibers is your ability to introduce minerals such as lavender to support an excellent night’s sleep. The smell will not be overwhelming and can again support your sleep with these buckwheat options.


When first purchasing a buckwheat pillow, they do have a little pricier tag than standard or some other natural materials. The difference is, unlike the average three-year life span of other pillows, buckwheat pillows can last up to ten years. This means the investment made today will be providing you comfortable night sleeps for the next decade. That math over time does make this investment for your health and pocketbook a great option.


There are a lot of options in pillows out there, and it can be overwhelming to choose. Buckwheat pillows help check all the boxes as a top choice. These all-natural materials, move and mold to your head and neck position to provide support throughout the night. Additionally, the ability to quickly warm or cool them with a refrigerator or microwave, and know that absolutely no chemicals or additives were used to produce provides peace of mind. The ability of these pillows to hold up for an average of ten years also makes them a fantastic investment that, over time, will pay for themselves again and again.