What if you Could Never Lose in an Online Fantasy Cricket Match?

Being unbeatable in fantasy cricket is a dream of many people. At first glance, it may seem far-fetched and difficult, but all you need in this game is your skills and knowledge and nothing else. However, in the game of fantasy cricket, not only skill is important, but also experience, and with experience comes a skill that many people are familiar with.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a sporting event on the system where players form a virtual team of 11 real-life cricketers and play online fantasy cricket by participating in actual matches played somewhere in the world. The number of points a player earns depends on the performance of the main part of the game, and the clear goal is to score as many points as can be reasonably expected.

Let’s take a look at some live tips to make sure you never lose.

Pick the right team members.

When choosing a fantasy team, a major highlight is to have players who can score points in multiple categories, not players who have many opportunities to score points but are very slow.

Therefore, versatile players should be selected, who can score the necessary points with bat and ball. Also, an all-rounder who consistently hits the most balls in the most important positions in a match should be favoured as he is more likely to get more wickets or score more runs than a player who can contribute only one or two balls in the number five or six position.

To choose the right captain and vice captain

Choosing the right captain and vice captain is as important as choosing the 11 parts of the group. The chosen captain will regularly earn double points and the vice-captain will earn 1.5 times more points in a match. In online fantasy IPL league matches, it is best to choose players who are versatile as captains and vice-captains can earn points from different sections.

Do your job well.

Doing this work properly can set your team apart from the rest, don’t mention it twice, it’s just there. Scout for players if you need them to help your team win. It may be a bit overwhelming to discover a player you didn’t know before, but with this app, you can do it without any hindrance. Just look through the names of the players you need to know and you can play fantasy cricket. Observe what goes on in an ongoing tour and record your assessment of how it is structured.

Play with two or more teams.

In larger leagues, try to play with more than five or six teams. The more teams you have, the more chances you have to win. Always remember to create a different mix for each team and change the captain and co-captain.

However, the key is still to invest time. You should always spend more time on your fantasy team. That doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your daily tasks, but keeping track of injuries, trades, weather and pitching is a must. Don’t believe that you can get an update on the climate or field conditions in the last hour. There are times when you have to make a decision in a hurry.

For example, if there is a player who is structurally not at his best in windy conditions (if such a climate is expected), do not select him and instead choose another player who has performed better. It is also important to keep in mind the type of opponents and pitches in your India fantasy cricket game.