Year 2018 has been a year of fashion reform and evolution in the sense that the fashion has witnessed many changes. From New York Fashion Week to Millan fashion week we have observed many changes in designs and fashions, some very weird and some very inspiring and beautiful. Some fashion trends have given us some real style goals and some dresses have become a must have this season.

We all can agree on one thing at least that summer is the best time to flaunt your wardrobe and to dress your best and dress to impress. It is the time when you can pull out all your shorts and all your dresses, all your tops and all your jeans. Also, to stay in style and dress by what is in fashion is what we all aspire for. But sometimes, we are not very aware of the latest trends and miss on some very essential or we would say absolutely necessary trends. But fret no more! we have after observing and researching the best trends of the season, shortlisted 8 fashion trends for you to rock this season.

  1. Pastel, Neutral Colours

Generally, we associate summers and springs with bright, peppy colours. However, this season we have seen the obsession of the designers and girls for pastels and neutrals. These colours have a soothing, elegant, romantic and yet very classy vibes. After the eye catching and sometimes the monotony of the bright colours these soft cotton candy colours have taken over the fashion and the market. There are quite a number of ways in which you can nail down these colours. The best way to dress in pastel is to combine them with pastels. But dark colours like black, brown etc equally complement these soft shades. Just choose the colours you love and that goes with your skin tone and hair. Also, with pastels less is more. The best part is you don’t have to accessorise your outfits with them.  These colours are equally good for your winter clothes too.

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  1. Floral Designs

While flowers bloom everywhere in summers and springs, why not add them to the dresses? Though, floral prints have always been in trend, this year however has brought along with it a twist. Unlike pairing them always with bright colours, this year the trend of them is more with subtle and sober colours.  Also, this season floral prints pants, jeans, jeggings and trousers are trending all over. The embroided patch on the jeans or the overall floral printed jeggings and skirts have won our hearts. Here is a tip- avoid wearing these prints with other patterns and prints. Pair these prints with a plain colour tops or bottoms and let these prints cast their magic.


  1. Bold Patterns

If you are not very fond of florals, this season trends are not going to leave you sad. Bold prints are very much in fashion too. However, you have to be a little smart while adorning these styles, because after all you don’t want to look like a kaleidoscope. These prints can be worn as a jacket or a shrug over plain and basic clothes to add fun and also like an over all dress. Bold print dresses or maxis are very fashionable. You just have to pair these prints with the right clothes and there you have your perfect look. Try to avoid pairing patterns along with patterns. This style speaks for itself and you can keep the accessories minimal.

  1. All White

This year kick your bright clothes away and pull out all your whites. Yes, this year can be declared as an year of monochromatic looks in fashion. However, sometimes idea of all white is not very flattering but at the same time it is the colour which reflects the sunlight and repels heat. We have seen this look not just on the ramps but many of our favourite actor actresses have been spotted in this style. You can pair your white jeans with a pretty white top or a jacket. Even a dress all white looks extremely pretty and elegant. Choose your own style and dress in white and keep them as minimal as you can and you are good to go.

  1. Loose Cotton Clothes

Sometimes, stepping out in summers become a tough task with the tight clothes and facing the heat with sweat in summers when your skin can’t breathe is just not a good idea. This summer is going to be a bliss for all of them and these problems can be sort with a smart hack which has become a part of the trend this season. Loose fitted clothes are very latest and in fashion. Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend T-shirts, mom jeans have taken over the markets. Apart from this, long loose kurtas, shirts look very cool and funky too. So, this summer let your skin breathe, and with very comfortable clothes in your wardrobe say bye to all the skin hugging clothes.

  1. Basic

Many prints, styles and colours come and go out of fashion but the basics are always ever green. The simplicity of this outfit makes it no less than any other print, style or design. Of course, you want to look all good and pretty and sometimes you might doubt before opting for this. But believe us, this style will never disappoint you. The basic crop tops, trousers, skirts, t-shirts, with simple colours say white, beige, grey, brown black etc. are all you need when you want to be both comfortable and stylish. There is a big yes for this choice from the fashion trends of this season.

  1. Loose, Light Layers

In summers, as much as we have variety of dresses to wear we also have the same number of problems related to it. Shorts can leave us with the tanned legs and tight fitted clothes can cause irritation and rashes. Some clothes which are comfortable in the hot days become uncomfortable when the nights get colder. We always wonder if there is a common solution to every such problem! Well, there is, this season has given us layering in the list. With some light clothes you can do this. Over your tank tops you can wear a loose jacket or over a dress you can carry a shrug. With palazzo pants also, you can wear a jacket over a top. Isn’t it just an amazing idea?

  1. Bell Sleeves

At first, bell sleeves seem to be a daring style and one would initially be a little sceptical before opting for it. But you can trust when we say that it is as easy and effortless to carry as any other style. This style has not only made its way into the western clothes but has become quite a hit style even in the Indian clothes. It gives you a mix of the retro and the modern style. You can wear your silhouette in number of ways. You can have a dress with bell sleeves or opt for a bell sleeves top and pair it with a jeans or a skirt. You can also wear Kurtis and suits with bell sleeves. This style requires minimal accessories and these sleeves will make their own statement.

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