Africa To Become The Next Prime Focus Of Investment Enthusiasts

Africa may be known for its wildlife, jungle, the area of war etc. but some people might not know that Africa is the second largest and most populous continent of the globe. Containing 54 fully recognized sovereign states, 9 territories Africa covers 20% land area of the earth. The average age of the population of Africa is also the youngest among all the other continents.

Thus becoming the second largest population of the world with the most valuable asset; the youth, Africa hosts a large diversity in language, religion, culture, and resources. Africa has made a remarkable position in the world map with its abundant natural resources, and an increasing economic growth by the Continent.

Here is a percentage wise hold of the continent of the total natural resources across the world. Which may second the statement of Calestous Juma, from Harvard University, that Africa can become a self-sufficient continent from being an importer:

Cobalt 90%
Platinum 90%
Gold 50%
Chromium 98%
Tantalite 70%
Manganese 64%
Diamond 30%
Coltan 70%


These are the top 5 African capital cities with immense investment opportunity in Africa:

  1. Johannesburg:

Johannesburg is the largest metropolis city of Africa. With the above 9 million population, Johannesburg is the largest land capital of the continent. The city covers a land area of 1645 square kilometer and a population density of around 3000/ Johannesburg holds the deepest mines of the world and is famous for its discovery of gold. Like any other cities of the continent, Johannesburg has a focus on increasing business development and a hub of art. The Sentech and Hillbrow tower are amongst the tallest structures of Africa which are situated in the capital. Producing 16% of the total GDP of Africa, Johannesburg is the economic and financial hub of the continent. The retail, leisure, healthcare, transportation, communication and media industries are some major investment focus and thus approaching many companies to give a thought across the world. The heavy industries of Johannesburg also keep a noticeable movement too and thus giving a rise of 3.5% in the per capita personal income in its economy. There are a lot of companies offering translation services in South Africa which can help you setup your business goals by making local customers reach you.

  1. Cairo:
    The capital of Egypt, Cairo is also one of the prominent metropolitans of Africa and is the 15th largest metropolitan city in the world. The capital is known for being the oldest and largest entertainment industry of the Arab countries and for the headquarters of many organizations, business, and media houses. With a population of 1.95 crores, Cairo is the most densely populated capital of the African continent. Cairo is also the economic hub of Egypt and textile, food production, Iron and steel processing are the major income generating sectors of the city.
  2. Nairobi:
    Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and holds a population of 6.5 million. The city is the financial hub for the eastern and central Africa and contributes 60% of the total GDP of Kenya. Nairobi has the record of a per capita income of $1081 and the growing technological groundbreaking innovations have created quite a good scope for investment in the city, thus the city is known as “Silicon Savannah”.
  3. Lagos:
    With a population of over 21 million, Lagos is the most populous capital of Africa and also the capital of Nigeria. The commercial vibrancy of the city has bagged the title for being 7th the fastest growing city in the world. The city generates $90 billion through its goods and services and has the highest GDP of the continent. The major investment sectors of the capital are transport, construction, wholesale and the retail sector. Lagos has a land area of 1171 square kilometers and is called the land of entrepreneurs in Nigeria.
  4. Accra:
    Though Accra has a comparatively low population of only 4.1 million, as compared to the above other top capitals of Africa, the hardworking and busy residents of the capital of Ghana has acquired the position among the top business spots of the Continent. The growing opportunities for industrial development and modification have arisen the growing market for foreign investors to focus on the capital. The capital is especially known for being the communication. Transport, technology and commercial hub of Ghana covering a land area of only 60 square kilometers only. The population density and being among the busiest capitals of Africa, Accra holds a noticeable locus in the Continent.

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