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Comprehensive Cleaning of the Car, Recommended at all Times

Having a clean car is something that we should all have in mind, not only because of the look and the image we give to others, but also because of the comfort provided by having the car always in the best conditions. Although the cleaning of the interior of cars is something important, the exterior and also the area of the engine are also. Therefore, at least two or three times a year, the vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned.

One of the best moments to do it is now, after the end of the summer season, especially if we have used it to go on vacation or we have taken more to move from one place to another. With the continued use of the upholstery, panels, carpets, glass, and ultimately the entire interior will have acquired dirt, although it is not noticeable at first sight.

Before starting a thorough cleaning, all the elements that could impede the cleaning at the time must be removed, emptying the trunk, removing the covers (if any), glove compartment, storage areas, ashtrays, etc.
The first step is to perform a thorough vacuum, although they will always be two better than one and better if you have a professional vacuum cleaner designed for that purpose. The plastic parts of the car can be the next step, eliminating all the dirt or debris that may have remained. All this must be done with a microfiber cloth that does not leave fluff.

You should have a polishing or waxing liquid on hand so that you always have the best appearance in the plastic areas, special detergent to clean the mats and the trunk, stain remover for the upholstery, special cleaning fluid for the leather, another for the rims and the covers and also for the crystals, both inside and outside.

We cannot forget the stains that can be very annoying to remove, such as oils, sugar drinks, pigeon droppings, chewing gum, or any other substance that will make cleaning the car a nightmare. Therefore, the best alternative is to forget to buy all these materials and entrust the cleaning to a professional to leave it in the best possible condition.

Why clean the car upholstery

As time goes by, any upholstery, due to its good quality, deteriorates, especially in terms of dirt. This is an aspect that must be kept in mind when carrying out a good interior cleaning of cars for many reasons.

It does not matter what kind of dirt it is. They can be leftovers of food, sugary drinks such as soft drinks or juices, vomit, fats, mud, etc. This kind of substances remain attached to the upholstery and it can be quite complicated to remove them.

In addition to that, we must take into account another aspect of great importance in what not everyone falls, hygiene for us.

Reason why cleaning the car upholstery

According to a study carried out from the University of Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, it was discovered that in the upholstery of a car there could be an average of about 100 bacteria and fungi classified as potentially dangerous in each square centimeter of a seat. This … although it’s hard to believe, it’s almost double the germs that can be in the toilet bowl. Did you know?
This poses a potential risk to our health but can also produce spots that can be seen and smelled, such as mold, which feeds on organic molecules, fat, carbohydrates or protein from food debris that can have in the car upholstery,
Another unwanted tenant that can also appear if the upholstery is not cleaned periodically is the Aspergillus fungus, considered critical for health and that can get to hide perfectly in the upholstery of cars.

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