Dos and don’ts of precis writing

Precis writing, have you ever heard of this term? Well, the term might be new to you but we are sure you have used the precis writing skills at least once.

Precis is nothing but the summary of a piece of writing or a paragraph. Now that you know the meaning you must be aware of how a precis or a summary should sound.

A well-written precis includes all the essential information and points from a paragraph or a piece of writing while retaining the author’s mood and tone.

How to write precis?

Precis writing is a skill in report writing and to write a precis that is precise and effective let’s see what you should include in your precis or a summary.

Rules of writing precis

  • Read the passage or a piece of writing again and again and try to grasp the idea or message behind the content.
  • While reading the report or a passage note the sown the essential points you need to include in your summary
  • Decide how long your passage should be to incorporate all the essential points. A precis is a summary of a report, you should try to keep it short and to the point.
  • Always write in the third person while maintaining the author’s tone and context behind the content.

Dos of Precis writing

  • When writing precis start with the main idea of a report or a piece of writing. This will help readers grasp the plot of the precis from the start.
  • Keep the message clear and concise retaining the author’s tone and writing style.
  • Make sure you cover all the essential information including facts, portions, and methods from the passage.
  • Why you are writing precis? You should include your purpose as well in the precis.
  • Mention historical facts in past tense if any.

Now that we have covered what to do when writing Precis, let’s talk about the don’ts as well.

Don’ts of Precis writing

  • When reading a passage to write a precis chances are you may develop your own opinion or ideas based on what is mentioned in the passage. However, when writing Precis refrain from adding your opinions, remarks, or criticism.
  • Include the facts and methods mentioned in the content. You should never add facts from the Internet which are not mentioned in the passage.
  • Refrain from asking questions in precis. In case you must write in a sentence form.
  • Do not use short forms and abbreviations.
  • Avoid spinning around the content of the author’s writing style or tone. Doing so will give an impression to the readers that you are not confident in what you are writing.
  • Remember precis is a summary so make sure you keep it short and effective.

Got all the essentials of precis writing on your sleeves? Apply these newly learned tips and tricks in your next report writing while writing precis and make it more effective, clear, and readable for your readers. More simple and clear your precis, higher the chances of readers understanding your ideas or message and taking necessary action make your precis a success.

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