Exploring the Papi Hills

If you are one of those looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of the hectic city life to savor in your much-needed break from your career goals, Papi Hills in Rajahmundry is just the place. Indulge in an affair with nature with just a tad bit of luxury to bask in the glory of a weekend getaway that will promise both adventure and breathtaking vista for your eyes to behold. The allure of Papi Hills also popularly called Papikondalu is the fact that it is a destination which is not yet exploited as a popularized tourist destination. Thus,Papi Hills remains to be explored by travelers from around the world,as, an ideal tourist spotfor weekend getaways near Hyderabad.

Travel to Papi Hills

You have many options to reach the Papi Hills. If you are looking for an adventure ride and a longer one at that, you can reach the place via two routes that are either from Rajahmundry or Kunavaram. You can take a flight to Rajahmundry from either of the nearest airports that include and not limited to Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada. Though reaching Papi Hills from Rajahmundry will require you to take a 6-7 hour boat ride which you will certainly enjoy as a mini cruise packed with good food and loads of entertainment. You could choose a private boat ride if you are looking for an AC ferry. The other route, Kunavaram, is the most popular one for tourist as you can reach the place from Hyderabad. You can avail economical and comfortable airport cabs in Hyderabad directly to Papi Hills or to Bhadrachalam which is just 49 km away and from there go your merry way on a ferry for a spellbinding adventurous trip to mind-blowing scenic vistas. You may book a resort in Papi hills for night stay.

If you want to skip the boat ride, you can directly reach Papi Hills via cab. It is the easiest and the most convenient means of reaching Papi Hills where the last few kilometers you will have to go on a trek,which is what most tourists prefer to enjoy their long-awaited holidays. On landing at Hyderabad, you can book a convenient cab from Hyderabad to PapiHills to get your nature/adventure trip rolling.

Papi Hills, an overview

The winding trails through which the river Godavari flows amidst the greenery of the Papi hills is what drives nature lovers to visit the place for their weekend getaway. The yet to be exploited Papi Hills is the most beautiful destination in Rajahmundry housed on the Eastern Ghats. During your one day picnic near Rajahmundry to Papikondalu, you will be welcomed by lush green forests.

You can book the famous Bamboo Hut for accommodation and enjoy camping amidst the dense greenery overlooking the river. The significance of Papi Hills that you will appreciate as an adventure traveler is the fact that you can visit Perantalapalli, a village where the River Godavari coalesces with the River Sabari.

The Papikondalu national Park,which was coined as one in the year 2008 is one of the many places you can explore in Papi Hills. This exotic rainforest of the National Park houses rich biodiversity of flora and fauna that you cannot afford to miss out on your vacation. Apart from this, you can appreciate the rustic beauty of Jammalapuram temple and the Gandi Pochamma temple. Winter season in between October to March is believed to be the ideal time to visit Papi Hills. And once there, you can never miss out on your stay at the Kolluru Huts hotel or the travel to Pamaleru Wagy where you get to bathe in the water that originates or falls from the Papi Hills.

How to reach Papi Hills – Cabs from Hyderabad

Hyderabad International Airport has frequent flights from most of the Indian cities. It is also very convenient for you to book flights to Hyderabad from your city. You have the options of taking cabs from Hyderabad directly to Papi Hills,or you can also book your cab from Hyderabad to either Rajahmundry or Kunavaram. Traveling by roads from Hyderabad is also feasible due to the goodroads,and an experienced driver who is well aware of the roads will always ensure that you reach your destination on time. Hailing a cab to Papi Hills directly from Hyderabad will also open up the possibility of an adventurous hike to the hills.

Distance and the time taken

You can take either of the following routes to Papi Hills. The first being the one from Kunavarm,which is approximately 351 km away from Hyderabad. Rajahmundry, the second option is approximately 430 km away from Hyderabad where your cab will either take the NH 65 or the NH 16. The direct route from Hyderabad to Papikondalu is about 350 km,which makes it your ideal route while traveling via cabs. A road trip to Papi Hills from Hyderabad directly from the International Airport is recommended if you want to enjoy the rustic adventure of boarding in the beautiful hut resort in Papi Hills for day outing.

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