Great tips to get ideas for content


Do you ever get stuck when creating social media content? It might even happen regularly, and sometimes you find it difficult to come up with new ideas. Usually, in the beginning, you have a list, but that list ends quickly if you want to publish several times a week.

It is confusing for entrepreneurs to create content! Below you will find a list of ideas for social media content.


It may sound very cliché, but quotes generally work very well on social networks. Of course, you must ensure that the references match your target audience. For example, as a coach, you can post motivational quotes and, often, you can also link to a story or an idea from your blog.

Behind the scene photos 

This can be all kinds of photos. For example, pictures of preparations for a presentation or photographs of the production process of a product that you sell.

Ask questions

Post simple questions to which your followers can respond efficiently and quickly. For example, you can ask about their passion or what they like to do in their spare time. If you want your post to appear in the feed of your followers, you should purchase Instagram likes from real people and you can make it on Insta4likes site only on Internet, that’s sure. With these likes, the algorithm of Instagram will classify your post as popular and make it appear on your followers feed. Adapt the questions to your target group and make sure they do not have to think about it for a long time. This ensures that they react faster.

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Share valuable content from others

Do not be afraid to share content from others. If the content is relevant to your followers, you can just share it. It may not be so convenient to share content from your direct competitor. But if you’re a personal trainer, for example, you can also share recipes from food bloggers! Always remember to give the credits to the original creator.

Case studies

The case studies are beneficial to show how someone has experienced a product or service. Often people can recognize themselves in a story, so they understand why it can also be relevant to them. Also, you can answer questions and resolve doubts.

Fan photos

Share photos of happy customers. That could be, for example, printed material that my clients receive. Do you not have pictures of satisfied customers? Then, of course, you can also ask for them!


The videos are increasingly popular. They provide a high reach, and it is a fun and personal way to make yourself visible to your (potential) clients. Videos can be about anything! For example, take your followers to visit your office. Do not give it too much thought.

Answer questions

You will probably receive many questions about your products or services. Answer these questions from time to time on social media! There will probably be more people with questions that you can answer in this way.

Sneak peek

Are you working on a new product or is there a new publication on the blog? Post in advance to arouse curiosity. In this way, it gives them good inside information and, probably, they will be aware of what is coming!


Do you share lists in your blog in this way? List of tips? For example, share weekly advice from that list on social media with a link to the full blog. Valuable for your followers and more readers for your blog!

A notebook of ideas

Do you have a notebook where you write all the thoughts and ideas that you have? Did you know you can clear your head by writing things in a journal? This creates space for new ideas.

Always keep the notebook with you. When you are on the road, when you are at home, you put the book next to the computer and take the journal to bed. If you have some late-night ideas before falling asleep, you can still write them down. Or at any other time, you are inspired, of course!

A short but powerful message

A short message does not have to be less powerful. You can share a lot of value in a short message, for example, by giving some quick strategies or tips that your fans can apply immediately, like “buy health in Canada“. It must be smart and catchy.

These types of messages are ideal for people who do not have much time to read long articles and want to spend a little of their time to scroll through Instagram quickly. Make sure you make the message valuable.

Create a series

The short messages you made can be used to create a set. Such a series of messages that can involve many different things. You can explain complex topics in a series of blog articles. Or share 10 tips on a specific topic in 10 separate Instagram updates.

The best thing about a series is that you immediately get inspired to make multiple Instagram messages or blog posts. 

With a series, you always finish the article, the video or the Instagram message with a teaser, so that people want to see or read the next part of the content. Do not forget to indicate when the following message will be placed.

Detail the subject

We have discussed making short and compelling messages and about making a series. With these ideas, a complex theme is often separated into multiple pieces of content. It is also an option to write a complete article on that complicated topic.

To that article add links, images, references to suggestions you have made and name many different examples. 

Ask others to make content for you

If you are having trouble thinking of a new topic, you can also choose to ask someone else to make an Instagram post or write a blog article for you. Or you can do an Instagram Live broadcast with someone else.

Which are good ideas?

Do these tips help you get more inspiration for your Instagram profile or your blog? A good indicator of whether an idea is good is your enthusiasm for the purpose. If you are not enthusiastic about the idea, it is not a good idea.

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