How Do You Know About Throwing Up Bile?

Vomiting is a common sign which can indicate a number of problems inside your body. And you can tell what the problem is if you know that the color, consistency, and some other characteristics of vomit are the key to your problem.

However, vomiting makes you exhausted and drowsiness because of the electrolyte loss. Moreover, looking at the vomiting material make you retch more. That explains why throwing up bile does not have enough concentration.
Let’s find out what is happening to you when you have a throwing up bile, as well as what should you do if you have the throwing up bile?

What causes throwing up bile?
Bile is a greenish-yellow fluid synthesized in the liver and then stored in the gallbladder in order to help the digestion of the gastrointestinal organs. Significantly, bile enters the small intestine and plays a role in digesting the fat from food.

You have known that the bile’s commonplace for working is the small intestine. So why does the bile move backward to the stomach and goes out with the gastric juice when you vomit? The causes of throwing up bile can be unpredictable, and these causes are supposed not to be treated with the home remedies.

So why don’t you read all the content below and define the severity of throwing up bile and seek a proper medical interference as soon as possible?

  1. Intestinal Blockage.
    As mentioned before, bile transfers to the small intestine to help absorb the fat from the food. And it’s reasonable when you have bile floating in the stomach when you have an intestinal obstruction. Usually, the throwing up bile caused by the intestinal blockage comes along with the abdominal pain (due to the stuck of feces) and constipation.

    A hernia is the common cause of intestinal obstruction. The intestine is so weak that there’s almost no mobility to move the food and feces down to other parts of the intestine.

    Adhesion as a consequence of post-surgery complication or some inflammatory bowel disease can also lead to intestinal blockage and a throwing up bile, as well.

    Cancer, some tumors inside the intestinal lumen, and even diverticulitis are the causes of intestinal obstruction, too.

    2. Food poisoning or food allergy.
    The reason why food poisoning and food allergy are listed in the same group is these two issues can lead to one reaction- nausea and vomiting. This reaction is one of the protective response to the foreign substances.
    When the response is too strong and causes a powerful retching feeling, accompanying with an empty stomach, the gallbladder juice or also known as bile mixing up with the gastric juice and go out of your esophagus as the vomiting material.

    But when you have food poisoning, fever and abdominal cramp can happen while you will have some anaphylaxis responses like rashes, runny nose, and breathing along with throwing up bile.

    You can avoid food poisoning and food allergy, as well as avoid throwing up bile caused by food. So that be careful and pay more attention to your digestion every day. Therefore, you will not experience vomiting bile and guess what is wrong with your body.

    3.    Chemical substances and alcohol overuse.
    There’s the fact that irritating stomach induces more gastric juice than usual. And irritating stomach can also increase the risk of nausea and vomiting which will end up with the vomit of juice and bile.

    Some of medications and drugs like morphine and aspirins cause irritation to your gastric mucus when you abuse them as the pain reliefs too often and in the wrong way which is using them when you have an empty stomach.

    Moreover, if you are under antibiotic treatment without the guidance of doctors, you can get irritating stomach which leads to the puking, especially throwing up bile.

    This happens the same if you are an alcoholic. In case you are interested in drinking alcohol for a long time, your gastrointestinal mucus will be damaged and end up with vomiting with bile.

    If you have a throwing up bile with the help of alcohol, contact the doctor to have a specific screen in your digestive tract and stop using alcohol so that you will not fall in gastric hemorrhage- a serious condition threatening your life.

    4.    Cyclic vomiting syndrome.
    The syndrome is a rare condition and also a rare cause for throwing up bile. Cyclic vomiting syndrome is defined as vomiting without any cause in less than seven days and happens several times an hour. The vomiting over and over the time in cyclic vomiting syndrome forces the stomach to excrete more and more juice to fill the stomach.

    Moreover, when you vomit, the sphincter miss the rhythm to let the food pass from stomach to duodenum and abandon food not to go back to the stomach. That’s when bile combining with food comes back to stomach and cause throwing up bile.

    You can tell that it’s possible for you to get cyclic vomiting syndrome if, besides continuous vomiting, the syndrome includes severe sweating, abdominal pain, and fever. Some people suffer from dizziness and headache, too.

How can you prevent throwing up bile?
As mentioned before, all the causes of throwing up bile are only treated with the help of medical interference, that’s why when you have the throwing up bile, call for the help of your doctor.

But you can prevent the appearance of throwing up bile if you follow a healthy lifestyle which includes:
•    No smoking and drinking. These 2 activities cause a huge damage to your digestive tract and result in more severe cases such as gastric hemorrhage. So stop or reduce the amount of alcohol and cigarettes you consume every day to protect your health.
•    Drink more water. Drinking more water every day and especially after throwing up bile to prevent dehydration is very important. As the dehydration is listed as a life-threatening case.
•    Triggering food such as spicy food, or sour drink, and even caffeinated drink should be avoided as much as possible because they cause irritation to your stomach lining much.

Hopefully, after reading the article, you have been aware of how severe throwing up bile is and know that protect your health from getting throwing up bile is more important.



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