How Millennials are living a different yet better life

Millennials are very much comfortable with technology and their entire lives are covered with using and exploring different gadgets. These youth audiences like to share more and spend less which helps them to save money for future expenditures.

They embrace:

When this respective group of audience needs to travel, they do not invest in buying a house rather they rent rooms from Airbnb and avoid paying for hotels. Similarly, when they want to travel, they hire UBER rides and do not heavily invest in purchasing an automobile. Hence, these people are very much attentive in spending money and embrace the best out of every situation.

Sharing expenses:

Millennials love to have the perfect lifestyle of having a nice meal, drinking the tastiest drink regardless of the fact that they’re not wealthy. How they do so? Well by sharing the expenses.  They love to have roommates and share their basic living expense to have the best possible yet affordable experience. In addition, they collectively pay or streaming services like movies, music, TV shows and share the account with them. Hence, instead of a single user paying $50, ten users combined together can pay $10 each (Huge saving).

They bank better:

Majority of these people haven’t yet seen a bank branch from the inside. It’s due to the fact that they open, access and user their accounts online or through the mobile app.

In addition, their bills are auto-paid, checks auto-deposited,  checks auto cleared, and their major objective is to spend the least time in fulfilling daily tasks and giving more time in rather more important tasks.

Using apps to stay ahead of schedule:

Productivity Mobile Apps exist in the current market that helps these Millennials set their daily based to-do lists and objectives. Maintaining and following a regular schedule makes it easy for these people to keep track of their activities and getting them done in a timely manner.

They buy less:

Millennials are never interested in buying durable products like lawn care tools, printers etc. instead of buying the whole printer, they use online printing services and hire people to do the lawn cleaning task. These people give more value to experiences and give less value to things. However, the only thing they love to invest or spend on is food, drinks, beverages, travel tickets and more. Anything that is rare in their lives and improves their mood or has some sparkling activity in it, they go all in.

Invest differently:

It’s quite hard to admit but we all need a retirement plan so that we may stand up with respect and spend the last days of our lives in peace. However, Millennials aren’t interested in investing insurance plans, saving schemes etc. they rather trust automated investments that maintain their portfolios and manage their investment decisions. In addition, these people also invest in stocks and brokerage houses where some find success and some do not. The latest trend shows Millennials investing cryptocurrency which are the digital currencies that has no physical presence. Hence, they invest differently and look at things with a broader view.

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