How to do solar panel installation safely?

More than a million people in the US have installed the solar panels. The count of them is increasing in a rapid manner and the same is happening in India. The awareness about solar panels has increased in India and people are now installing these panels in their homes. If you are in the market to get the solar panels then the right thing to know is the solar energy installation cost in Gurgaon. And after that, another thing you need to know about is how the installation is done and what precautions must be taken in order to install the panels safely. There are three important steps which will make the installation of solar panel safely. As you invest a lot of amount in this solar panels, it is important to install them in a safe manner so that there won’t be any harm for the panels as well as for you. Here are three amazing steps which will make the process easier.

Engineering Site Visit

There are various types of agreements that you can sign for the solar contract-they are a loan, lease, power purchase or cash purchase, after completion of this step an engineer will be hired for you. He comes to your property to know the electrical status of your place and makes sure that all the electric and electronic appliances you have in the home are compatible with the new energy system that you have in your home. The engineer may be working with the installer with whom you have made the agreement or he may be the independent provider whom the installer has contracted. The engineer will check the roof of your place to make sure that it is perfect and can accommodate the panels. They also check the electrical panel of your house to know whether it is good or you need to upgrade it. The engineers play an important role in the safe installation of solar panels.

Permits and the Documents

Similar to various big financial decisions the installation of solar panels involves a lot of paperwork. These paper works are to ensure that the installation of solar panels is going on perfectly and there are no safety issues. The building permits and government approval will be needing a lot of time, so make sure that you have enough time to do all the things. This paperwork will be a huge factor in the installation of the solar panels and the installer you will contact will take care of them for you.

Installation Measures

The solar panel installation isn’t going to get completed is a short duration so prepare yourself to provide the time for installation for long hours. Bear with the workers and be supportive to them always. The workers need to know about these things before they start the installation

  • They should be familiar with the solar panel brands that they are working with.
  • They should read the installation manuals
  • The workers should survey the installation place and check for any hazardous materials around
  • They should have all the equipment in handy and available
  • Should wear all the necessary safety equipment like shoes, safety glasses, and
  • As the solar panel installation is done in heights the workers should use a reliable ladder and follow proper ladder safety techniques while accessing the heights
  • It is better to hoist the materials rather than taking them up with the help of a ladder
  • Should evaluate the height to know the fall protection and to make sure that any safety barriers are required
  • The workers should stay away from the edges which are highly elevated
  • Should watch for any openings on the roof, there are scenarios where solar panels installation workers died due to falling off from the roof openings
  • The workers should ensure that the roof on which they are going to work is strong enough to take the weight
  • Conduct the work only in good weather conditions. If there is any slight chance of occurrence of heavy winds or rains then stop the work immediately. It is not safe to work in disturbing environments.
  • Do not apply any pressure on the panels by sitting or stepping on them, they are very sensitive materials which provide electricity so make sure that you are handling them safely
  • The solar panels should never be installed near to any combustion materials as it will give rise to fire
  • Don’t wear any metallic jewelry while installing solar panels


These are some of the safety methods that must be employed by the workers to make sure that the installation of solar panels is going on safely. The engineer check, the paperwork and precautions for workers will help in the safe installation. Know the solar energy installation cost in Gurgaon and get the solar panels for yourself.

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