How To Increase Your Domain Authority – A Complete Guide

There are lots of hundreds of other factors so that Google will determine the search engine ranking of a website. The single one particular which has to be taken on an great importance over the years which is the domain authority of a website.

Let me tell you that domain authority is a metric that was developed by the Moz itself. The higher your domain authority is the more likely you will be able to earn the higher rankings on the search engines and you will be able to receive more and the better web traffic. Your domain authority is also a good way to measure the SEO efforts and as well as also compare the strength of your website to your competition’s websites.

Here Are The 9 Points By Which You Can Easily Increase Your Domain Authority :

  1. Optimize Your On-page Content

On page SEO Checklist To Build Perfectly Optimized Web Page

Let me tell you that you have to optimize your on-page content to increase the domain authority. SEO matters for both for the Google search engine rankings and as well as for the authority of your domain. So, you have to make sure that you have to optimize all on-page codes and also include the title tags, the image alt tags and also the content itself. Additionally, you can also include the variations of your main keywords and must keep all your permalinks short and as well relevant and also create a sidebar section for the new posts.


  1. Improve Your Internal Linking Structure

link pyramid

There are lots of websites which are so concerned about the earning and also the external links that they will overlook the importance of the internal links. Internal links will help you to direct visitors to what they were trying to find and thereby also improving the user experience. This means that if they have burrowed deep into the back catalog of the blog posts so that they can still easily find their way to the homepage by one of your internal links systems.

In the processor of an SEO, we usually do the internal linking by suggesting the other related blogs posts to your readers and in case if they would like to read more about some particular topic. Internal links will help you to prevent the visitors from leaving out of the frustration and it will also help to keep your visitors will be engaged with your websites at the same time. Additionally, Internal links will make it easier for the search engines and also helps you in indexing your entire site.


  1. Remove All Bad And Toxic Links

Toxic Backlink Analysis

You must go through the profile link and also search for any kind of backlinks which are bad or toxic because the bad or any kind of toxic links were very harmful to your website. This thing will allow you to remove links from all the bad sources and this thing will end up in hurting your domain name authority instead of helping your domain authority. You should also remove those links which were posted on your website that will lead to bad sites or those sites which are broken and these things will also create a negative impact on your site as well.

This thing will also hassle to check on each and every link on your website. To make this thing easier for you and you can easily use the SEO pressor’s link manager that will create and help you in managing all the links in one place. You were no longer have to check the links one by one yourself and instead of doing this thing you can directly check the status of your links i.e whether it is broken or alive inside the link manager itself.


  1. Choose A Good And Best Domain Name

Importsnce of domain name

If you are just starting recently then you must have o pick up a domain name which must be relevant to your website. First of all, you have to look up at your site, SEO Pressor as an example. We are basically mainly focused on the WordPress SEO plugin which will explain that why we want this keyword ‘ SEO ‘ in our domain.

It should be something relatively which is to be easier to remember so that visitors wouldn’t have any issues with returning back to your site because they will forget your domain name. You may be even to want to buy an old domain name so that you don’t have to make any domain age. If you have already a domain name so make sure that it will not be going to expire and if you think that it will expire very soon then you have to renew it for at least 3-5 years.


  1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

TMSA mobile friendly website

Make sure that you have to make your website must be mobile friendly. A huge amount of online users will access the website through the mobile devices. If your website has been optimized for a mobile friendly yet then you are away from that and make sure that you will make your website a mobile friendly. This will not only hurt your mobile search engine rankings but you will be loose out on a lot of visitors who will simply leave your site once if they will not be properly displayed on their smartphones or tablets.

In order to check your website whether it is mobile friendly is or not you can simply go to the Mobile-Friendly Test by the Google developers page. It will easily analyze your web page and this tool will let you know that how mobile friendly your site is or not.

  1. Increase The Loading Speed Of Website

Service 07 Running too slow e1466649328606

The poor loading speed of your website will badly impact in front of your users. The poor loading speed of your website will also have a nasty effect on your bounce rate. Most of the users were have very little patience for a page that will take a too long to load your website and will end up long to load and will be ending up and leaving your website altogether if their patience will wear out. You can also check your website’s loading speed. You can check the website speed of your website with Page Speed tool by Google Developers. Not only this will analyze your website speed but also it will definitely identify some ways for you to load your site faster and also improve the experience of the user.


  1. Always Trying To Create A Linkable Content

influencer engagement 063016

If you want to earn the high-quality links from multiple domains, which both Moz rank and the Moz trust will use as an important factor. You will create a high-quality content this will be published at regularly. The better your content is the more likely it will be that another authoritative site will be linked to it. This means that your content has to be relevant towards your brand and also towards your audience, creative, informative and also well written.


  1. Promote Your Content On Social Media

real impact social media article

You must have to promote your content with the help of Social media because the social signals were the biggest ranking factors and you will need to promote your content on social media in order to obtain those signals otherwise your content is just going to sit on your site all by itself. If you want then you can also post your links to your content on your various social media pages and make sure that you will encourage your followers to like, share and also comment on your posts. If you want then you can also include the social shares buttons directly to your web pages.


Wrapping It Up

The domain authority of your website will be very important for the numbers of reasons. This thing will allow you to judge an overall performance of your website. It will also let you compare your score to the others that will be competing for websites to see that where you will stand.

I hope you will be got to know how you can increase the domain authority of your website and with the help of these points, you will easily increase the domain authority of your website. If you find this article to be useful then please share this article with your friends and as well on your social medium channels.

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