How to Make Money from Instagram:

How to Make Money from Instagram:

You’ve probably heard stories of Instagrammers who are making Millions of dollars from Instagram. And you might be wondering how they are making too much money from Instagram. But it is not surprising that peoples are making money from Instagram. No matter if you have a small audience or a big audience you can make money on Instagram.

How many followers do you need to make money from Instagram?

The first question that comes to your mind how many followers do I need to start making money from Instagram. The answer is there is no limit of followers that you need to start making money. But that depends on how many active followers you have. You can use Instagram Auto liker to increase your followers. The more followers and the active audience you have the more you will earn.

Build Your Audience First:

I don’t suggest you think about to make money from small followers like 50 or 100 followers. If you want to make big money then build your active audience first and engage your audience. Then you can start making money from your audience. The only reason that influencers are successful on Instagram is that they have already gone through the process of building an audience and followers. So it is really important to build your audience first. Here is a complete step by step guide on how to become Instagram Famous very quickly.

The Power of Instagram:

Instagram’s growth has reached a monthly 800 Million plus active users. An Instagram engagement rate for brands is 58 times higher than any other social media platform while on Facebook it is only 0.01%. This is the power of Instagram and that’s why Instagram is growing very fast.

  • 800 Million Monthly Active users on Instagram.
  • 500 Million Plus active users daily on Instagram.
  • 82% of US small and large Business use Instagram.
  • 90 percent of Instagram users are following at least 1 business account.
  • 2 Million Advertisers from all over the world.
  • 200 Million Instagram users visit at least 1 business profile every day.

How to make money on Instagram:

Here are the best ways to make money from Instagram. Depending on Your Instagram Followers, Your audience and your content you can make money in the following ways.

  1. Do Sponsored Posts:
  2. Do Affiliate Marketing:
  3. Promote Your Business, Services or products:

1- Sponsored Posts:

Instagram users with good followers can make money from creating original sponsored content for business or brands. Being Influencer you can offer to brands and business to promote them in your posts. Top Influencer who have Millions of followers are getting thousands of dollars per Sponsored post.

All you have to do is creating content and include branded hashtags, @Mention or links to them. This is a really easy way to make money from your Instagram account. Image if you start 1 Sponsor post per day then how much money you can make.

Finding Sponsor: the most important question that comes to your mind, how we can find companies that offer sponsor opportunities. There are two ways to do that.

First, if you like any brand or business and you think that is relevant to your audience and you want to promote that business. Just contact them and send them a message with the number of followers and audience you have.

Another way is to work with agencies or platforms that are offering sponsor posts opportunities.

Few Platforms that offer Sponsor Post:






2- Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone’s products and get paid commission for every sale. This is also a great way to make money from Instagram by selling other people’s products. For this, you don’t need to buy products and open a store. All you have to do is Signup for any Affiliate network and promote their products and earn money from every sale that you generate.

Affiliate Marketing Networks:

1-    Amazon:

2-    ClickBank:

3-    ShareASale:

4-    Commission Junction:

5-    Ebates:

3- Promote Your Business or Services:

If you own your business and selling Products or services then Instagram is the best platform for you. If you don’t have a business you can start a business and promote on Instagram. You can sell Digital Products, or start an e-commerce business, or if you provide any services then you can find buyers on Instagram and start making money. If you already have a business that is great otherwise setup business then let’s move to next part.

The next step is promoting your business on Instagram. The best way to promote business on Instagram is to showcase your products professionally. There are two ways to attract more peoples to buy your products.

Give Discount: Give a discount to your followers in order to get more sales from your followers. Create a post giving them special offers, and give them a discount to get more and more sales.

Your Customers Photo: Get your customers to share their images of your products and report on your Instagram account. This is a proven Successful method of selling products on Instagram.

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