Know more about BC and CSP

If you love drawing a good balance between your bank and home but perplexed in doing so then you must take a look at this article. It will help you in letting you do so. But before you get started make sure you are in the company of a faithful bank whom you could trust even more than your best friends because this will be your life saving –

  1. Nature of services to be showed by the BC and its outlet

You must be careful in picking up all bank Csp because it let you balance important ways of enrolling customers and enabling the transactions of the customers at the Customer Service Points (CSPs). You will get more than just sourcing multiple deposits and loan products for the bank as a Business Facilitator.

It gives you card technology under which two different vendor have freedom of choice to go in the BC entity processes, it will undertake BC activity.

In the provided card technology, the BCs can easily enrol customers and open No- frills account in the form of SBI Tiny Savings Bank and SBI  Tiny Recurring deposits Accounts which undertakes deposits and withdrawal transactions (in cash). If you want the Saving Account can be opened as a Saving Bank and Overdraft Account. After employing for 6 months, all the customers can use an overdraft.

In this fast technology world, everyone can open up the No Frills accounts. It has some different functions, although it is not accessible for BCs, but it is under process, so chances are there it will available soon.

If you have ever been part of Kiosk banking you could employ a Finger Print capturing device is given by the Bank and data connectivity is too given for more comfort, those who have BC, can enrol customer and open No Frills Savings Account.  Other products are under process, they will also be accessible soon.

Both BC and BF plus (business facilitator) are into consideration which is every BC is expected to source business outside technology enabled No Frills account. For making BC activity viable, they will have to undertake BF activity into outlets of BC. For initial stage only some plain products will be selected at first and then training on the functions and qualities of the products and you must have information about your KYC (Know your customer). The guideline of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will be provided by the bank.

  1. BC Agreement

It will hand over you its copy of standard BC agreement after knowing bank bc apply, separately for your comfort of information and reference.


  1. Exclusivity

The outlet of a BC is being called a customer service point (CSP) that is all bank Csp, it asks you to confirm not to do any other bank/ financial institution. They demand to have exclusivity in this regard.

  1. Security Deposit

In maintain their terms of Bank’ Policy, the BC need to keep security deposit equal to a fixed percentage of the expected business volumes of a year.

  1. The BC keeps authority to pick up one of technology from their offers (bank’ offer). It just has to invest in the hardware/ important tools for undertaking BC activities. Currently, the Bank has hand Held Point of service, Cell phone messaging based and internet based SBI Kiosk technologies.
  2. Banners and Stationery

The banks are so much concerned towards BC as it also gives some suitable banners/ sign boards as well as the stationery needed for bank BC apply operations.

  1. Balancing Cash

You need to have a recent account if you are willing to check balance BC transactions, it is being called the Settlement Account and keep it pre- funded. The bank has a rule, if you deposit cash into his account at the BC outlets, then when you will credit your account the BC’s settlement account will be credited, just that!

  1. Selection of agents/ sub- agents, due diligence –

It will do selection of agents / sub – agents in the terms of guidelines issued by RBI from time to time.

  1. The BC will have to take care of their Business continuity Plan to confirm that the customers who are enrolled get service without disruption.
  2. The subject of survey is the BC /BF outlet and Audit by Bank official/ RBI/ other Statutory Auditor.
  3. Commission Payable to BC

When it will be done with its selection process it will announce its price of commission payable to the BC.

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