Norstrat What are it’s Flaws and Working Areas?

Norstrat Consulting Inc was formed by Jim Hefferon in November 2011, who worked as a Division Manager at Goldman Sachs prior to running his own consulting firm. The entity has a non-operating interest in Lake Division Minerals (LCM) which he co-founded in 2011. LCM holds a 30% interest in the Atlantic Gold Corp (AGM) mine in Nova Scotia and Norstrat focuses on providing mining investment services and advisory.

Like many similar parties, Norstrat works closely with Sandstorm Gold, and holds a 2.5% royalty on its investments in Atlantic Gold. Similarly, Norstrat is a more traditional consulting firm with not-for-profit mandates, and advisory work. The stock’s small float means it is difficult to get a feel for the institutional support for the company.

What made Norstrat so great?

We used it primarily for longer term analysis. I wanted something more suited to my needs and hopefully it would turn out to be a good long-term solution. We really like the variety of data that you can dig up, and we think the site’s unique color scheme helps attract a lot of users. We also have found that FINVIZ seems to have improved their system, so I no longer find it overly cluttered. Please take a look at Who is Lil Dicky Girlfriend.

We do have a few complaints though.

·        First off, we don’t understand why Norstrat gives you a couple of weeks to sign up before offering email alerts. We can see how this would be handy in the short term, but we know from personal experience that people like me will sign up as soon as they can to get the email alerts sooner.

·        Secondly, we know there are a lot of people who can’t access Norstrat, especially during the weekends, so in those situations we feel like we are missing out on an awesome opportunity.

·        Norstrat does offer a version of FINVIZ which is meant for folks with language barriers, but we have a feeling that a lot of the content in the free version will still be out of most people’s league.

·        Lastly, we’re really bummed that Norstrat doesn’t offer pre-trade quotes for you to click on while you are looking at your data. FINVIZ can tell you what the last bid/ask was for a stock, but it doesn’t let you see what it might do in the future.

The above are completely legitimate reasons to not use this service. But before I start going through the list of reasons that weren’t quite so legitimate, we’re going to give Norstrat some credit.

First of all, they’ve worked very hard to make this company a top-notch organization. This isn’t your typical fly-by-night operation. Norstrat has proven themselves to be very responsive to our inquiries and questions, and the Norstrat staff has proved to be knowledgeable and helpful. We’ve been through a list of some of their main competitors in the CT Tax and Accounting software market, and we’ve yet to see one that comes close to Norstrat’s customer service and product delivery.

Norstrat Consulting Inc. (NCI) offers a large array of professional services such as:

·        Business consulting and strategy

·        Strategy consulting

·        Franchising and entrepreneurship

·        Healthcare and healthcare technology

·        Home Healthcare

·        Employment law

·        Employment agencies and services

·        Energy efficiency and sustainability

·        Investment advisory

Operating from the largest innovation hub in the US and partnered with the most prestigious universities in the country, NCI has a wide range of talent with a knowledge base ranging from business strategy and structure to entrepreneurship and healthcare technology, all delivered by veteran leaders in their fields.

CEO Richard Beauchamp has been leading a variety of startups and growth opportunities since the 1970’s, including KDSS and Rent Czar. The team at Norstrat uses a variety of different business process consulting techniques. Visit here to know about Introducing Window 11.

Several areas where Norstrat excels is:

·        Individual performance improvement

·        Business process reengineering

·        Product Development

·        Human Resources

·        Branding and Marketing

·        Business operations, design and business improvement

We’ve done extensive research on the company, and have created an updated fair value estimate, which is in line with our recent price target and the company’s management. The company is engaged in security software and services. Customers include governments and financial services firms. It’s currently generating a decent amount of free cash flow and can grow organically or through acquisitions.

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