Padmashri Award Winner Dr. Mohamed Rela: the Messiah of Liver Transplantation

We have so many fine doctors available who had made our living easy. There are so many incredible surgeons and experts who with their experience and knowledge strive hard to save life of the people they have not even ever made. We have never seen god but doctor is someone we always go when it comes to saving our or our loved ones life. Talking about one such example that has saved the life of many people is Dr. Mohamed Rela. Dr. Rela is a great surgeon, a great adviser, and a great professor who has saved lives of many and contributed in making the fellow students capable to become doctor.

The achievements Says it All:

Dr. Rela believes that future is not in developing the doctors but more in reducing the need of liver transplantation. He rather believes the dependability on the doctors should be lessening down and for which he advises the patients to take a good care of themselves. Furthermore, his work and experience is a perfect example of his success. There are so many achievements, which he has made in his life till date. Talking of which, the Head and Chief Surgeon, Dr. Rela is in the Guinness Book of Records for successful liver transplant.

Furthermore, he has also transplanted more than 23 Liver transplants in less than 28 days. Known for the safe techniques, Dr. Rela offers a new life to the infant. He has performed more than 700 liver transplants in children. He is the first surgeon and the expert who has also done a successful split liver transplantation, which has given a new benchmark in India.

His viewpoints that proved valuable:

In one of his interviews, he suggested that liver transplantation has become need of today’s lifestyle because of the way people are living up these days. According to him, the need for such surgery is around 10-15 per million populations, and looking at the donor transplantation, there are still so many changes to be made. He believes that achievement on such surgery is still to be made. Of course, we as human being are still far behind in the competition when it comes to dealing with the technicalities associated with the living donor liver transplant.

Awards and Recognition:

Dr, Rela is amongst the top 20 Surgeons. who have given a new platform for the liver transplant surgery. Known to be a Padmashri holder, Dr. Rela is a fellow doctor who has completed his degree from the reputable college. He also had earlier worked at King’s College Hospital and now is a chairman of Pediatric Committee for the International Liver Transplantation Society. His contribution to the medical field is unexplainable but his reputable portal of career is a perfect example for the youth who wishes to be a part of the medical industry. Dr. Rela has been performing the complex surgeries and save lives in better way, which is why, we hope to see people like him come into screen.

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