SharePoint Migration Case Study – Explore the Scenario Faced by Users

SharePoint Migration Case Study

Serving more than 1,50,000 employees, the organization “Shade Systems” &“Specter Technologies” depends on Microsoft SharePoint, as it is an essential platform for organizing the data. In order to utilize the platform for business process automation and data storage of all the employees, the organization depends on SharePoint as the technology after its official website. “We put a lot of effort on automated execution and integration, and SharePoint plays a very crucial role in our organization”, said Robert Kim, Information Service Manager at Shade Systems. “It minimizes the time required for invoice tasks and approval of the administration.”

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Scenario Faced by Shade Systems and Specter Technologies

The SharePoint is an imperative factor in the growth of this company. In order to be on the latest version, the company decides to migrate from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. The website and SharePoint environment were both present on-premise, the industry decides to move the company site to the cloud storage. The manager said, “We wanted to employ such a method that if any mishappening occurs, the data can still be accessed. The most important advantage of transferring data to the cloud is that data will be available anywhere at anytime.”

“Specter Technologies” has made massive use of SharePoint as the enterprise gateway since 2008. It also used to manage the data of 150 employees, and some external end users as well. Previously, the firm was using SharePoint 2010 and now, it has decided to move on SharePoint online. “Some of the reasons to do this by moving business related data to the cloud would enable us to minimize infrastructure costs and permits better security of data. The downtime is reduced and any disaster would not make the data unavailable”, said the manager of the organization.”

Challenges Faced by Both Companies

In order to ensure that the entire migration process to the SharePoint 2013 is carried out with no loss of data, the organization needs some help. “We want a professional software that will assist to transfer data of SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 in the most efficient way”, said Robert Kim.

Solution To Resolve the Issue

We were trapped in the situation and did not know what step is to be taken next. It was becoming a challenging task for us to migrate SharePoint data to the cloud. Then, we heard about SysTools SharePoint Migrator. As we used this product, the results were so great. Finally, we were able to migrate all our SharePoint data in cloud storage.

System Specifications of SharePoint Migrator

Compatibility: Windows 10 and other below versions

Processor:1 GHz processor but, recommended is 2.4 GHz

RAM: 512 MB of RAM. Although, recommended is 1GB

Hard Disk Space:5MB of free hard disk space is required

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Feedback From Shade Systems

After using SharePoint Migrator, we were able to achieve the desired results. This tool turned out to be a professional approach, which is very secure and reliable.

A wrong step taken before SharePoint migration would have resulted in inaccessibility of the data. But, our company was saved with the use of SharePoint Migrator tool. We are deeply thankful for this great application. All the services it offers are exactly what we want. The data of SharePoint is now secure. Thank you for providing such a great tool.”

Words by our IT Admins

I would like to say that I have used many tools for migrating SharePoint data. I was never satisfied with the results. But, it is the best application I have ever used. Just a few clicks and the results were great. The look and feel of the utility was so simple. I just want to say thanks to the development team.”


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