Taking Advantage Of The Greenville Sun: Installing Solar Panels

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Are you interested in investing in a massive and rapidly-growing industry while also saving money on your utility bills? If you are, you might want to consider solar panels. 

Solar panels will provide you with all of those benefits and so many more.

But what if you do know much about the solar panel installation process or cost? Are panels really worth it?

Keep reading to learn about why installing solar panels in Greenville, South Carolina (or anywhere!) is a good idea. 

The Installation Process

Although it might seem complex, the solar panel installation process is quite simple. The process as a whole should only last one or two days.

After the company you decide to work with ensures that your home is suitable for solar panels, they’ll then get to work with the installation. This involves fixing frames to the roof then attaching panels at a specific angle to those frames.

Aside from cleaning, you’ll have little to low maintenance to worry about after the installation!

Solar Panel Installation Cost

Many people are afraid that the solar panel installation cost is high. While it is an investment, you’ll ultimately save a lot of money each month. 

For the most part, expect to pay between $6 to $8 per watt. You’ll also have to take things like labor and installation costs into consideration. 

If you’re searching “solar companies near me“, make sure to do your research to ensure you end up with a reputable company that won’t charge astronomical fees. 

Why Go Solar?

Okay, so the installation process isn’t that complicated or expensive. But what are some of the benefits of going solar?

Here are three of the biggest ones. 

Solar Is Environmentally-Friendly 

As you might know, solar is an eco-friendly and renewable resource. Using the sun’s rays doesn’t cause them to deplete. It also doesn’t reduce carbon emissions, unlike resources like oil or coal. 

Jumping on the solar bandwagon helps to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. 

You Can Save Money

While it’s true that the initial investment might seem steep to some people, there are many government subsidies that you can try to take advantage of. Whether or not you qualify, you’ll without a doubt enjoy lower energy costs in the future.

Some people even become energy independent, reducing their monthly energy bills to zero. 

Increase the Value of Your Home

Investing in solar can also benefit you when you’re trying to sell your home. Studies have shown that getting solar panels can add thousands of dollars to the value of your house. 

Make the Most of the Greenville Sun

Whether you’re located in Greenville, South Carolina, or somewhere else that gets lots of sun, your home can benefit from solar panels. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of why solar is so great, as well as how it can help your home! 

Do you now have a better understanding of what solar panel installation is like and why your home can benefit from panels? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other blog posts for more helpful guides and tips like this one!