How to Optimize The Life of Your 2017 Honda Accord Battery

The average lifespan of an automotive battery is between three and five years, which means that people who bought a 2017 vehicle are starting to see the end of that first battery’s life. If you’re not quite ready to replace your Honda Accord battery, there are a few ways to make sure you get the most out of its lifespan. Even if you’re not noticing any declining performance yet, beginning these battery optimization processes can help keep your battery in shape for longer.

  • Minimize the burden on your battery by using lower fan settings for your environmental controls, limiting the volume of your music, and keeping an eye on the number of accessory ports in use
  • Store your vehicle indoors, even an unheated garage provides some protection from swift temperature changes
  • Buy a battery charger and use it regularly to keep your battery charged

One of the signs of a car battery that’s near the end of its life is lost capacity, but that can be hard to spot. It’s easier to see if a battery is having trouble keeping up with the demands on it, because you’ll notice things like dimming headlights when you slow down, because the battery struggles to maintain the output that the alternator generated at full speed. Charging it in the evenings and mornings can make up for that deficit and help it perform better until you’re ready to buy a replacement.

How to Replace Your Honda Accord Battery

When the time comes, your 2017 Honda Accord battery will be quite easy to replace. Like most vehicles from the major auto manufacturers, the Accord’s battery can be removed by simply disconnecting the terminals and loosening the restraining bolt until you can remove the metal bar holding it in place. Once the old one is out, the new battery goes in its place with the terminals connected in the same configuration as the old one. If there’s no corrosion on the nuts and bolts, the entire operation should be less than five minutes. If you do encounter nuts and bolts that are locked up because of corrosion, use a little spray lubricant to loosen things up.

What Are the Best Car Batteries When It Comes to Durability

Today’s top battery manufacturers for overall lifespan and durability are ACDelco, Odyssey, and Optima. These premium brands offer battery options with solid 3-year warranties, and with proper maintenance most batteries will make it to the 5-year mark, barring an incident that causes damage like a failing alternator or extreme temperature exposure. Top-end batteries with long warranties can be expensive, though, and often the most cost-effective battery is one with a shorter warranty period and a lower price tag.

Often, batteries from economy brands like Duralast can be maintained for a full five years as well, especially if you use automotive chargers and other tools to keep them charged when the vehicle is sitting for a while or the temperature changes rapidly. Even when they don’t make it a full five years, the price difference can be great enough to make an economy battery cheaper on a 3-year replacement cycle than many premium batteries are on a 5-year plan. Consider your options carefully as you approach your Accord’s first battery replacement so you can get the most out of your ride.