The Importance of Animation in your Website to Level Up Your Business

Humans process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. No wonder animation grabs super quick attention. They are able to achieve primary website goals like gaining new subscribers, receiving email inquiries and getting calls for service purchases. Studies found that 70% of consumers typically like a product after watching an animation and 92% of mobile viewers may forward the information. 

They are usually a part of the best website designs due to:

  • great engagement ability
  • the ability to draw the eye to a specific element 
  • increased targeted traffic to your website. 

The top website builder software offers 2D animation (vector-based), 3D animation and motion graphics. These are excellent means of communication with your audience. This article tells you the importance of adding animations in your business page. 

Reduces Bounce Rate  

The average bounce rate of a website is between 41% and 51%. But the good news is that viewers are less likely to bounce off and spend extra time with animations instead. They may take an action too like signing up for your newsletter after watching a quirky video. 

Use an advanced yet simple website builder to add subtle animations. These can include typography animation, Claymation, stop motion animation, traditional cel animation and whiteboard animation. Fun GIFs, cartoons and comics can add the extra ‘fun’ element and come with endless creative possibilities to show off your brand personality.  

Enhances Retention Rate 

Even an increase of 5% in customer retention can bring 25% to 95% profit. Animation is a seamless solution for repeat business. This is because they can communicate a message much better than an article can. Different complex ideas can be brought to life with animated videos which words may not be able to express. No wonder it is prevalent across most industries like education, gaming, AR and VR and entertainment.

Boosts Brand Credibility 

Animation can be used to address issues that your customers care about. It includes poverty, pollution, environment, girl child empowerment and healthcare. You can use a simple website builder tool to create quality content with animations. This way you are going the extra mile to make sure viewer sentiment is considered. It will help you business gain credibility since you start coming across as a socially conscious brand.  

Brand Recognition 

Animations make people laugh and cry by tugging at their heartstrings. Appealing music, visuals and effects can create an exciting and thrilling browsing experience. You can create something that is fresh, enticing and real. Consider animated logos, flexible headers and fade-in content. These can push your brand to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Add interesting and dynamic animations while planning your website design online which can indirectly become fantastic tools for advertising. 

Animation is arguably a vital component for your business page. They help to achieve website goals and objectives by ensuring a fulfilling experience for viewers. Your brand is more likely to generate better leads that convert. Know that even the simplest animation can contribute to the success of your marketing goals. 

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