Things You Can Recycle For Cash In 2018

Did you know you can sell your unwanted stuff for recycling and get some cash in return? Yes, Of Course! Recycling is an eco-friendly way of disposing off unwanted stuff instead of throwing them away in trash cans. By doing so, you not only get a cash reward but also take a part in promoting the Green Environment.

I believe that so many people still don’t understand why and what we recycle, so I have decided to write the following article to let you know why it is essential to recycle your waste and what things can be recycled. I hope you find this informative!

What is Recycling?

Recycling is a modern technique of getting rid of waste. In a recycling procedure, you process used materials and use them to manufacture new products. It is helpful in many ways including:

  • Prevent excessive waste of useful materials
  • Reduce use of new raw materials
  • Reduce energy use
  • Reduce Need for waste disposal
  • Reduce water and air pollution
  • Lower Greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Is It Important Today?

The average each household in the UK produces more than 1 ton of waste every year which is a shocking figure. This equates to about 30.5 million tonnes in total per year, it is equal to 4.85 million male elephants.

Along with this outrageous piece of information, this amount of waste is growing by almost 3% each year for many reasons such as people prefer to change their things very soon which make the old ones useless and unwanted. If we consider this ratio, we can expect that in some years, the amount of waste we create will be doubled.

Another shocking point is that over 25% of this waste could be recycled, that means 75% of the rubbish is ended up in landfills where it becomes a cause of air, soil, and water pollution. This is why, to keep the environment healthy, we should reduce our waste as well as try to recycle it to dispose it off properly.

What Can Be Recycled?

Let’s take a peek at 8 different kinds of things that can be recycled for cash.

  1. Mobile Phones and Tablets

If you are thinking of upgrading your handset to the latest one then what would you do with your old one? The answer is quite simple; Sell Your Mobile and generate some potential income!

Yes, mobile phones and tablets can also be sold for recycling. There are recycling websites that buy old and even broken gadgets and pay a great price for them. Bear in mind that mobile phones and tablets contain various toxic materials such as lead, mercury, beryllium, cadmium, arsenic and brominated flame retardants that need to be discarded in a proper manner. When such gadgets are ended up in landfill sites, they can pollute groundwater and air as well.

So, approach a top-rated Mobile Phone Recycling comparison site such SellTheMobile and start finding the top deals for your phone or tablet.

  1. Paper Material

Most paper products such as books and newspapers can be recycled for cash. There are websites, for example, WeBuyBooks that allow you to get rid of your unwanted book and make some money. Conversely, you can also sell your old books at good prices through Amazon.

For newspapers and other paper materials, you can check with your local collection facility. So, start collecting paper products to recycle!

  1. Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are everywhere; you can find the plastic bottle waste in all places whether it is a home, workplace, or even roadside. After making the use, people usually throw them away instead of discarding them in a right manner. But keep in mind that plastic bottles waste should never be ended up in landfills as it can cause a lot of environmental problems.

So, recycling is the best solution that not only helps you in generating money but also improves the world we live in. Collect bottles, recycle them via RecycleNow and get cash.

  1. CDs, Games, and DVDs

Did you have a collection of old CDs, DVDs, and game consoles in the dusty drawers of your storeroom? If so, take the benefits of recycling. Head over to the popular recycling site, MusicMagpie and sell your old unwanted media for recycling. The company will pay you a great amount of cash as a reward.

  1. Scrap Metals

This is another common item that can be recycled where you can fetch some money for your efforts. You can call a local scrap metal yard or simply go online to recycle scrap metals. Make a collection of metals including aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and cast iron etc. and recycle it through RecycleMetals for cash.

  1. Ink Cartridges

Ink Cartridges are another thing that can be recycled for cash. There are numerous websites offering to take them off for cash or loyalty points. When you recycle ink cartridges using, you can earn up to £4.50 depending on the kind and condition of a cartridge.

  1. Textiles

If you have a large collection of unwanted but good quality clothes and shoes, no need to throw them in the garbage. You can also recycle them and make some money in return. Try selling them to a nearby local vintage shop or simply go online to look for a top recycling website to recycle your old garments.

  1. Computers, Laptops, TVs etc.

Electronic devices can also be recycled for cash. There are several recycling websites such as let you sell your old, unwanted and even damaged computers, laptops, TVs, digital cameras, mp3 players and many other e-devices. Like mobile phones and tabs, these electric devices also contain harmful substances that can damage the environment. So, it is better to recycle them instead of tossing them in garbage tins.

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