Thunderbird Address Book Export Not Working -Resolve the Issue

Thunderbird Address Book Export Not Working! Get a Quick Fix Solution

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most frequently used email client by people around the globe. When it comes to access the data in offline mode then Thunderbird proves to be very helpful. But sometimes, user want to export Mozilla address book to CSV or any other file format to import Thunderbird contacts in their phone or any other device, but they are not able to do this. Let us understand why Thunderbird address book export not working to vCard or any other file format. Moreover, in this post, we are going to introduce one of the trustworthy approaches to export Thunderbird address book MAB file to CSV format.

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So, let’s check the approaches to resolve Thunderbird Address Book Export Not Working issue. But, before moving to the solutions go through the user queries to make the topic more clear

User Query

I am having two computers and on both of them, Thunderbird is running. Now, I want to transfer my address book from one computer to another. So, I knew how to do this first I clicked on Address Book then selected all the contacts then click on Tools. And at last, I selected Export option. But the problem was that the file I got after the export process was an empty file. I do not know what is the issue and what is the reason behind its occurrence. I just want to know an easy and reliable solution using which I can convert address book to CSV format and also want to know the reason behind the occurrence of this issue.”

I want to transfer address book to CSV format but I am not able to do this. As every time I perform a different method to export Address Book to CSV format then the file I get after the export process is incomplete. That is the maximum number of contacts are not present in that file. Please suggest me any method using which I can execute the conversion process and get a complete CSV format file without any data loss.”


Why Thunderbird Address Book Export Not Working – Reasons & Solutions

There can be multiple reasons due to which a user is not able to export address book to CSV format.

Reason 1: When a user tries to move contacts via Address book through the following steps:

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird application >> Click on Address Book tab. You will get a window having contacts.
  2. Click on ‘All Address Book’ to export all the contacts >> Tools >> Export.

If you don’t want to export all the contacts then click on Personal Address Book or Collected Address Book tab, as per your requirement.

As ‘All Address Book’ is a collection of the entire Thunderbird contacts.

Reason 2: Sometimes, due to corruption in the file a user is not able to export MAB file to CSV format.

In reference to the above user query explained. In that case, user performed the following steps given below:

  1. First, open Thunderbird and click on the Address Book tab
  2. Now, you will see ‘ All Address Book’
  3. Select all the contacts and then click on the Tools option
  4. Choose the Export option. After this, a dialog box will appear to select CSV format in that and click on OK button

Now, after performing all these steps the user received CSV format file but it was empty. This can be due to the corruption of the file. A user can also face data loss issue if he/she is not able to perform the export process properly.

In this case to eliminate the Thunderbird Address Book Export Not Working issue, faced by a user while exporting MAB to CSV, it is suggested to opt an experts approach that is MAB Converter Software. With this user-friendly utility, a user will be able to transfer Thunderbird Address Book to CSV, vCard, LDIF, PST, or VCF file formats in just a few clicks. Moreover, there is no risk of data loss associated with this tool.

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