Top 8 Tips for Tackling the GMAT

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is a crucial factor for applying to most accredited graduate business schools. This test is fairly tough and is conducted worldwide.

This test has scoring ranging from 400 to 800. The test has 4 main components: a multiple choice section for verbal ability, another one for quantitative ability, a written essay and a section for integrated reasoning. Consult centres for GMAT coaching in Bangalore for guidance.

Here are some tips to prepare for GMAT to get entry to your dream business school:

  • Decide on the graduate program:

Your test scores are valid only for 5 years, so you need to plan carefully when to take the test before applying to your target business school.

  • Learn about the program of choice

Each graduate program has different needs and deadlines for application. Some programs may accept late documents while others have firm deadlines. Some schools specify a minimum score while some don’t; demands for GMAT scores vary from institution to institution.

  • Are you eligible?

To appear for GMAT, one must be at least 18 years, not taken exam more than 5 times within a year, wait at least 16 days after the previous exam and fulfileligibility criteria of each business school you apply for.

  • Plan good study practices

Choose a regular study schedule of at least 3 months before the exam. Considerhow much free time you have and how many hours you can devote to study.

Carry out study plan with excellent study material like Official Guide for GMAT review as well as other unofficial, reliable study material.

You don’t need to purchase every preparation item on the market to do well with GMAT. It might be a waste of time and money. There is much training content out there like phone apps, video lectures, to books. Pick the type of material suitable for you.

  • Be aware of structure and format of the test

The structure of GMAT will not change the days before the test. Hence, you can save a lot of time on test day when you come to the test, familiar with nature and format of the test. For instance, gain familiarity before attempting the data sufficiency section. This section has questions which are not usually found in other standardized tests.

  • Get familiar with timing

Instead of being worried about the GMAT, get familiar with its aspect of time constraints. The time limit of GMAT focuseson how long you can devote to each question. This is a computerized test, and you can attempt only a single question at a time.  Gain familiarity with how much time you have for each question. You can do well by timing yourself during practice problems such that you get accustomed to sensing how long 2 minutes amounts to.

  • Material provided by test makers

The test makers behind GMAT publish tons of materials which you should definitely exploit. Their materials contain old GMAT questions, and they are the best way to gain familiarity with the type of GMAT questions.

  • Learn common concepts

The fact is that there is a finite amount of information to be tested on GMAT. It may be good to study widely, but it is best to focus on topics that are tested most frequently. Be guided by GMAT coaching in Bangalore.

These are some tips to master GMAT preparation. The ultimate advice is Practice, Practice, and Practice!


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