Transformation of global MRO aviation industry

Few industries are more dependent on cutting-edge technologies, innovation and optimization of services than the global MRO aviation. Today, there is such an unprecedented diversity of aircraft technologies and types that was unimaginable until a few decades ago. However, despite all the advancement, the MRO aviation industry has a prevalence of the outdated and inefficient practice of manual and paper-based processes to carry out the MRO activities for even the most advanced and expensive aircraft of our day. This practice of manual operations consumes a lot more time and resources than the digital operations powered by an advanced cloud aircraft maintenance software. 

It is this shortcoming of the conventional practices that has made some of the futuristic MRO aviation companies to transform themselves by adopting the best available aircraft maintenance software. By deploying an advanced software, the service providers are able to offer excellent customer experience, better service levels, faster TAT and seamless management of complex agreements. 

If we look around us, there are large passenger jets that can carry 100s of passengers, small and luxury private jets that carry only a handful of people, cargo jets, fighter planes, UAVs, surveillance aircraft and so on. Whether it is the defense sector or the civil aviation market, each aircraft has its unique role, diversity of technology, maintenance needs, and user preferences. This is where you can’t be a world-class MRO aviation service provider if you are not able to deliver the best possible efficiency and speed of service. 

An ideal aircraft maintenance software would take care of the end-to-end MRO needs of any aircraft. For instance, if we look at the different areas of MRO operations, here is what the software will do for you:

Component MRO – It will act as a Standard platform and offer features such as Component Receipt to ARC Release, Quote Management, and Invoicing processes with optimised customer interaction capabilities for better operations, usability, and ease of handling.

Engine MRO – Custom MRO solutions to facilitate Engine slot management, Work scope evaluation, Engine visit, estimations, build-up, kitting, digitised task card, maintenance tracking and more

Line MRO – An advanced aircraft maintenance software would offer AMO and Line station maintenance operations with optimised work scoping, defect reporting and flight service billing etc

Hangar MRO – A world-class aircraft maintenance software takes care of the end-to-end cycle from aircraft induction to billing, work scope management, task card digitisation, planning and automated invoicing functions etc

Today, the leading aircraft maintenance software providers have built cloud-based platforms with industry-centric features such as multi-tenant capability, real-time data analytics, seamless operation across desktop and mobile devices, and easy deployment facilitated by cloud, IoT and artificial intelligence. Not only that, you can also overcome the challenges posed by the variation in technology as it will offer integrations with 3rd party software as well. 

Usage of software allows MRO aviation firms to efficiently and easily plan as well as schedule their Line, Base and Shop Maintenance services and repair and overhaul activities. Using it can assure you of the identification and deployment of right human and technical resources for the right job at the right time. Another highly appreciable advantage of digital transformation of your MRO aviation services is that you won’t need the conventional paper- based processes anymore. That’s good for the environment as well. Most leading software offer integrated smartphone apps which make it possible for all crews across locations to work seamlessly and on-the-go. 

Thus, the digitization of MRO aviation processes through cloud-based aircraft maintenance software assures an all-round improvement in operations and customer satisfaction. If you haven’t switched to digital MRO processes yet, now is the best time to do so!

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