What You Need to Know About E-Cigarettes

As the cigarette market grows ever smaller, the e-cigarette market is picking up the slack. According to the latest research, the vape products market is expected to increase by 19.6 percent until 2023. Knowing that exponential growth is on its way, it begs the question: what is all the hype about? Why are people stamping out cigarettes in favour of something you need to charge at a wall socket?

Here’s everything you need to know, and more.

They Help You to Quit Smoking

Some people take up E-cigarettes having never smoked a real cigarette in their life. Sometimes, the lure of the different flavours and camaraderie can be a pull for those in different social circles. However, for the majority, E-cigarettes are a substitute for the real thing and are slowly helping with New Zealand’s government goal of a Smokefree country by 2025.

Many people who have tried traditional smoking cessation products such as patches, gum, and even nicotine pills are finding that E-cigarettes are far more useful for helping them to stamp out the habit.

What’s more, the Government is not entirely against their use – even if they won’t call them a smoking cessation tool. They believe current evidence shows the risks of using E-cigarettes are far lower than smoking cigarettes, with the likelihood of harm from them low too. With the government onside and a Smokefree 2025 goal in sight, it makes sense to consider using an E-cigarette if standard electronic cigarettes have you firmly in their grasp.

You Can Choose from Different Options

There is no “one size fits all” approach to E-cigarettes. As time progresses, E-cigarette users find out what they like and what works best for them. It’s important to know, however, that you can’t get it wrong. When you walk into a vape store for the first time, you will only ever come across people who want to ensure you get the best E-cigarette and E-juice for your needs.

There are four primary styles of E-cigarettes available, all of which will suit different people and budgets.

  • E-Cigarettes
  • Pocket Vapes
  • Box Mod Vaporisers
  • Pen Vaporisers

E-cigaretteis the “overall” name for them, but they are the more traditional style with replaceable cartridges filled with E-juice. They also look similar to a cigarette which can help those transitioning from tailormade cigarettes do so with a little more ease.

Pocket vapes are the next step up. They are compact, portable, and tend to offer better vapour production than traditional E-cigarettes.

However, the more common options which people tend to prefer are the Box Mod and Pen vapourisers. Pen vapes look similar to pens and have two parts – the battery and the atomiser. You place your E-juice in the tank with the atomiser then charge the battery, push a button, and produce vapour.

The box mod variety is a bit more complicated, featuring a digital screen and the option to receive more vapour with every hit. Your local E-cigarette supplier will inform you of what they believe the best choice for you will be.

You Can Choose the Strength

Unlike cigarettes, with which you can’t adjust the strength, E-cigarettes offer that option. When you buy your new vaping product, you also buy E-juice to go with it. You can then choose from various nicotine strengths to suit your individual needs.

If you are weaning yourself off nicotine, then you can choose to have none at all in your liquid, or low volumes of three and six mg/mL. However, if you prefer to have higher doses, you can select from between 12, 18, and 24 mg/mL, with 24 being the highest.

For those who are using E-cigarettes as a smoking cessation product, the option to customise your nicotine levels is a welcome feature.

They Don’t Have an Unpleasant Odour

Aside from all the health implications associated with smoking cigarettes, they also have a potent, unpleasant odour that causes you to wrinkle up your nose! E-cigarettes don’t seem to have that same effect. While social etiquette goes a long way – such as not blowing vapour in people’s faces – you are going to produce a far more pleasant smell when you choose to use vaping products instead of a real cigarette.

Much of this has to do with your choice of E-juice. Several fruity, sweet, and lovely-smelling options on the market are more likely to make people curious than recoil in disgust! You can even get delicious smelling ones such as cotton candy, donuts, cinnamon, and vanilla.

While cigarette smokers might prefer flavours as close to the real thing as possible, that still doesn’t mean the odour will be unpleasant. You can confidently return to a crowded room after using your E-cigarette without people being overcome with the smell of cigarette smoke on your dinner jacket.

In Conclusion

Health professionals cannot confirm yet whether E-cigarettes are 100 percent safe. However, you also can’t say that about using cars, mobile phones, or computers. What they can admit, however, is using an E-cigarette is a safer alternative to a cigarette which has over 7,000 chemicals such as arsenic and formaldehyde.

Enjoy the benefits of giving up smoking, choosing a strength and flavour to suit you, and choosing a product that works with your lifestyle.

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