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Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive way to experience a reality and environment where the objects are “augmented” by computer graphics. The real AR revolution is definitely still far away although we can observe intensive attempts of different brands to bring such products to the market. Large TV companies use AR to implement interactive ads and it looks awesome especially in sports where you can see amazing examples of how AR objects appear out of a football field. Mobile app developers keep the step with the times too and even now, we can see many apps that heat our imagination. How many real miracles have we seen lately? The answer is simple – there have been no miracles at all. However the technology of augmented and virtual reality really made people feel like in other worlds and certainly such technologies if not worthy to be called magic but it is a breakthrough for sure.

What might mobile app development be like in the future? First, there will be a huge number of 360° videos. Panoramic videos already have a large number of views of the audience. Probably marketers will observe AR as a new excellent tool for communication with the audience like they did with sports ads.

Today the number of AR specialists is growing as rapidly as it was twenty years ago with programmers and they are in high demand. At the same time, VR and AR technologies will require new skills from industry specialists in the following years as this sphere is constantly developing. Today it is difficult to find an augmented reality app development company for the projects requiring this technology to be implemented in a very specific ways. The same goes for a mobile app development company in Canada. Since AR is strongly connected to mobile phones it’s really important to find a company which works in that exact direction. That is why many people choose augmented reality company in Canada if they need. But isn’t it better to find the one which combines all those features? Augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada – is exactly the one who works both with AR projects and mobile apps.

Augmented reality has a wide range of opportunities in almost any sphere both commercial or entertainment. AR-technology helps, entertains, teaches by complementing the real world with virtual objects. Augmented reality technologies are constantly improving so there is no doubt that AR is the technology of the future. And that future due to AR is closer than ever before.

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