5 Benefits to Being a Morning Exerciser

While there is no time that can be said to be the best for working out for everyone, morning workouts are a great way to begin your day. After your recommended daily 30 minutes of exercise before you start the activities of the day, you are pretty sure that nothing will get in the way of your workouts. Even with a fully-packed day juggling between work, family, friends, and personal stuff, you will not miss your exercises if you do them the first thing after you wake up. You will also get a special sense of accomplishment and boost your energy levels, making your whole day a resounding success.

Here are some benefits that you would derive by working out early in the day:

Low stress levels

Wouldn’t it feel awesome to head to the office or whatever work you do with a clear mind since you are free of stress thanks to morning workouts? Certainly, yes. Performing exercises brings down your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, so doing physical activities in the morning will give you that effect as you start your day. Your muscles will also relax and tension will be relieved, thus doing away with the adverse impact of stress on your body.

Greater boost to your energy

Although a cup of coffee can boost your energy to start your day at a higher gear, morning workouts can do better than a dose of caffeine. You will be so well-prepared for the day and have incredible mental clarity for optimal productivity in the workplace.

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You will be extra active the whole day

Doing that morning workout sets your body systems into motion, making you more active the whole day. Some studies like one conducted at Bringham Young University led to the findings that those who exercise early in the day benefit by being more active in the day.

Entrenching a routine

We rarely miss doing those things that have become a routine in our lives, and so with morning workouts, you will create a routine that will help you to hardly skip your exercises daily. Experts say that it takes about 66 days or two months for a habit to be ingrained into you and become part of you so that it starts happening automatically. As such, after about two months of exercising the first thing in the day, it will become a routine, and this is a great benefit because you will be on the path to a healthy and fit body and will sustain that.

Improved sleep at night

Exercising is well-known for enhancing sleeping patterns. According to the National Sleep Foundation, morning workouts have an advantage over evening ones because the latter could end up raising the body temperature and activating the body, making it harder to fall asleep. On the other hand, the Foundation says that exercising in the morning helps the exerciser to have deeper, longer, and better quality sleep when they sleep even 15 hours after the workout.

As seen from the above discussion, morning workouts have many benefits, so if your schedule can allow, go and sweat it out before you start your day. However, anyone’s best workout time is the time that works best for them. So, ensure that you exercise any time you can and you will reap some benefits.


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