Diamonds are beautiful and always in style. Pick yours today

Diamonds are one of the most loved types of stone in the jewellery. Right from the real diamond rings, earrings to necklaces and pendants, diamonds are used in a variety of jewellery pieces. In addition to the gorgeousness they carry, diamonds are also known for their durability. Some of the most common diamond jewellery includes:

Solitaire rings: Designed using a single diamond in the setting. This could be a gold ring or any other kind as well.

Rings with side stones: Have one diamond in the centre which is surrounded by many smaller diamonds

Pave rings: Studded with different small diamonds that are further attached to the band with the help of tiny metal prongs

Diamond Necklaces: Although on an expensive side, this is an elite type of jewellery that every woman would want in her collection.

Earrings: Pretty little diamond studs are not just loved by women, but a lot of men also don them.


Jewellery based on diamond setting

You can choose your diamond jewellery based on the type of settings as well. A specific type of diamond setting gives a specific look to the jewellery.

Prong settings

Metal projections hold the diamonds in this type which can vary from four to six in number and look neat and great.

Bezel settings

Surround the stone with a band of metal, fully or partially. This gives the diamond a proper boundary and margins representing a clear shape.

Invisible settings

The metal framework which is holding the diamond cannot be seen directly as it is placed underneath the diamond to give a more elegant look.


Jewellery based on Diamond’s shape and cut

Check out some of these popular options:

Round diamonds: It is the most popular and classic.

Ovalcuts: These marquise cut, heart cut are derivatives of oval cut.

Rectangular cuts: This includes princess cut, the emerald cut, Asscher cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, which are of their own style.

Triangular cut: In this cut’s triangular profile can be straight or slightly rounded.

Diamond jewellery in different metals

Gold: the combination of diamond and gold is beautiful and looks great on almost every occasion

Platinum: Nowadays platinum and gold are used in a combination to make a variety of jewellery pieces.

White gold: This is getting very popular as white gold is relatively affordable and durable in comparison to platinum

Types of diamonds based on colour

Blue Diamonds

Hope Diamonds and the Wittelsbach Graff diamonds are the most attractive and famous blue diamonds.

Red Diamonds

The Hancock Red, Moussaieff Red are two red diamonds that are fancy and famous. However, their cost could be extraordinarily high.

Pink Diamonds

Graff pink, Steinmetz pink, and the perfect Pink are the popular types of pink diamonds.

Orange Diamonds

Pumpkin orange diamond is famous in this category.

Green Diamonds

Dresden Green Diamond, Ocean Dream (Blue-Green Technically) are the most popular. Generally, green diamonds are rarely available.

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