5 Best Safety Features For Your Car in 2022

You could be the best driver in the world, but you can’t always predict how other people on the road will behave. Someone could speed up to you from your blind spot or brake suddenly the moment you yawn. When that happens, your vehicle’s safety features could save your life. 

Most modern cars have multiple safety systems pre-installed to improve your experience on the road. In some cases, they can also lower your fuel consumption and how much you pay for your insurance. 

Here are five of the best safety features to keep an eye out for in 2022. 

1. Automatic Braking Systems

One of the best 2022 car features to have for optimal automobile safety is an automatic braking system. When a potential collision is detected, your car will automatically slow or stop.

This can come in handy if a driver has a slower reaction time or failed to notice an obstacle. It also protects you from unpredictable drivers on the road. 

2. Lane-Departure Warning

It’s hard to stay awake on long drives, especially when you’re spending hours on a straight highway. That’s where the lane-departure warning comes in. 

If your vehicle starts to drift, this alert can wake you up or grab your attention. Some systems can also re-align your vehicle for you alongside your cruise control.

3. Adaptive Cruise Control

Before self-driving cars were ever a thing, there was cruise control. At its core, cruise control allows your vehicle to maintain a certain speed on the road. Nowadays, newer systems allow your cruise control to also adjust your speed according to the other vehicles in front of you.

If a car in front of you suddenly slows down to pull over, your vehicle will slow down in response. Utilizing cruise control in combination with attentive driving is the best way to create a safer driving experience

4. Blind-Spot Monitoring

An important feature for car safety is a blind-spot system. Using some kind of video data or radar, your system detects approaching vehicles or people. The vehicle will perform some kind of beeping or visual cue to then alert the driver so they can avoid the obstacle. 

Larger vehicles like SUVs or minivans benefit the most from this feature due to having larger blind spots. 

5. Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition software is a newer feature that identifies facial features to determine how the car operates. It can detect if a driver is becoming drowsy or if a certain route causes erratic eye movement. 

You can even personalize it so the vehicle plays your favorite radio station when you enter the driver’s seat. Make sure you’ve purchased the best audio system from ds18.com for optimal results. 

Get the Best Safety Features

Vehicle safety systems are an important quality to look out for, whether you’re a solo driver who takes long trips or you have children. Ask your local car dealership what kind of safety features are included with your vehicle and if you can add any. 

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