5 MAJOR Impacts On Your Mental Health

You all know how mental health is important, especially nowadays when we live with this speedy life tempo, trying to satisfy so many needs. We strive so much to be perfect in all spheres of our lives but that is sometimes quite impossible. And what happens next is that we totally lose ourselves because of the many obligations and things that are not so important in the end. As I already said, there are so many things that can affect our mental health and today, I will talk about some of the most common ones which we all have the chance to experience.

  1.     Love relationships – Love relationships are a huge factor in every human being’s mental health. There are so many people who were in toxic relationships and who were emotionally abused all the time. It is known that women suffer more in relationships like that because they always feel sorry to leave the guy who treats them poorly. And on the other hand, there are some who are addicted to their abusers, so it is quite hard for them to leave. They break up the relationship but then they feel sorry about that. They try to find help online reading all those tips like: “This is why you should let him come to you after a breakup” and stuff like that but in the end, they feel bad when they accept into their lives again the man. All that can affect a person’s mental health and in most cases, it is really hard to overcome it in a short time.
  1.     Self-confidence – It is easy to be mentally strong when you are self-confident enough to overcome all your life problems easily. But there are a lot of people nowadays that have lost their self-esteem because of some bad experiences and they can’t get the old themselves back. Without self-confidence, you can lose all the other positive things that are important in life and you can transform into a person you thought you will never be. There are people who lost it in love relationships and now they think that they are not worthy or enough. Just because one partner wasn’t deeply, madly and truly in love with them, they think that no other will feel that about them.
  2.     Stress – Stress has become an integral part of our lives and we simply can’t get rid of it because of the lifestyle we have. Even if you think that problems are good because they will help you be stronger, some of them hurt you so much that you totally lose yourself over them. Doctors call stress ‘the quiet murderer’ because you can’t feel it so much, but you get stressed out over the simplest thing that happens to you. And the catch is that your body reacts to it and you lose your good mental health over it. So, the most important thing to do is keep your good mental health by learning to handle stress.
  3.     Your job – We all work and in that way, earn some money for living, but some jobs are more stressful than others. There are jobs that affect mental health more than others and people who work them have more mental problems. On the other hand, there are people who can endure everything that happens at work no matter how bad it is, and they simply know how to get rid of negative emotions. They know how to save their mental health but in the end, they can feel some consequences of neglecting the stress in their lives all the time.
  4.     Losing loved ones – It is normal that we all love our family members, but when some of them die, it is quite hard to be in a good mental state. That’s why a lot of people get depressed after a loss and they don’t want to talk to anyone until they go through all the stages of grief. If you lost someone close, you should talk to a good friend about your emotions and if you see that doing that doesn’t help, you should try to find some professional help. An expert in that field will know how to help you and you will be able to function normally again.


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