5 Rules for Acing Phone Interviews for Legal Jobs

Every stage of the interview process is important part of what gets you to the final result. That means that you have to be prepared to absolutely do your best at each stage of the game. If you want to ensure that you look impressive over the phone, then you’ll need to review these five tips on how to successfully navigate telephone interviews and follow the advice closely.

1) Preparation is the Key

The most important rule of all is to put the work in to be prepared. Granted, there’s only so much you can know about what you’ll be asked exactly. This means that you need to do extra work so that you can give a great answer to the most difficult interview question that might get asked. It also doesn’t hurt to get some inside help for a legal recruiter who knows the firm where you’re applying.

2) Don’t get Distracted

In order to stay on top of your game, you’ll want to pay close attention at all times. This means that you’ll be ready to quickly address any unforeseen questions that you might get asked. If you get sidetracked even for a short while, it will be easy for the hiring committee to notice. That’s why it’s vital to get the help of a legal recruiter, who can help you to practice for the interview.

3) Be Courteous and Polite

Despite the changes in decorum that you see in many industries, the legal profession remains attached to appearance and etiquette. In a phone interview, you must rely totally on the latter in order to make an impression. When you show signs that you do not understand the social graces expected in the field, it will stand out like a red flag. Luckily, you can ignite your job search with a legal recruiter if you want to brush up on the proper etiquette to display during your legal job interview.

4) Be Succinct

It will help you enormously to be able to demonstrate your ability to speak clearly and get right to the point. After all, you want to have a chance to show off your argumentative skills in view of the courtroom.

Your interviewer may not make this easy, so you’ll need to find a way to insert this ability into your conversation naturally. Again, a legal recruiter can prepare you for this aspect of the interview by giving you pointers about where you nailed it and where you stumbled.

5) Positivity Above All

Along with the grace of social etiquette comes an ability to speak in positive terms. While you don’t want to come across as arrogant, positivity helps you to project confidence, which reads as success. This kind of attitude demonstrates that you’re ready for future success with their firm.

These tried and true tips on giving a successful phone interview are the cornerstones of the application process, but if you want to guarantee you land the job, get in touch with a legal recruiter. Anyone can follow the advice outlined here, but a seasoned legal headhunter with inside connections to the best law firms will give you an advantage over the rest of the competition. Contact a legal recruiter today to learn more.

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