A Holy Pilgrimage to Haridwar

Haridwar is a popular Indian pilgrimage place, which is crowded with thousands of devotees and tourists every year. Located in Uttarakhand, Haridwar features many Ashrams where philosophy, yoga, and other unique art forms and activities are taught. Besides being one of India’s most sacred cities, Haridwar is known for its several tourist attractions. No matter which month you visit this city, you will always find some interesting fairs organized in Haridwar. One of the most popular fairs that are attended by a large number of Indian and International tourists is Kumbh Mela. Somvati Amavasya Mela and Ganga Dussehra are the other two famous fairs organized in Haridwar.

Haridwar is especially known for its traditional yet beautifully built temples and holy places. People from all over India visit this sacred city to offer their prayers to their deity. As it is a pilgrimage city, one can reach Haridwar by bus, train or airplane. Whether you want to experience water rafting or take a dip in the sacred lakes, Haridwar has it all for you. Avail a car hire in Haridwar with an experienced driver and they will take you to all the tourist and pilgrim places in the city. Here is how you can make the most of your holy pilgrimage trip.

Dip in Sacred Lakes

You might have heard of the Brahma Kund at Har-ki-Pauri ghat in Haridwar Uttarakhand. This is one of India’s most popular rivers where hundreds of thousands of devotees take a dip in the waters to free their souls from all the sins they have committed so far.

If you plan to visit Haridwar, make sure that you get to the Ganga River and join the other devotees. Taking a dip in cold water in the morning is not just a ritual but a beautiful experience as well.

Offer Prayers to God

In the same place i.e. Har-Ki-Pauri Ghat, Ganga Arti takes place after sunset. Not only is the view spectacular, but being part of this Arti and joining thousands of people is a lifetime experience.

The saints recite Arti and the devotees actively participate in the prayers by chanting along with the saints. Once the Arti is over, you will get to see beautifully decorated Diyas floating in the water.

Perform Yoga and Meditation

What can be a better location to perform Yoga and meditation than a peaceful and sacred city? Haridwar is the ideal place for meditation and yoga practice. If you can’t find the right spot for meditation, visit an Ashram and practice your favourite Asana there. If you want to enjoy your Haridwar stay to the fullest, rent a cottage in one of these Ashrams. You might not get the luxurious accommodation facilities, but your purpose for visiting Haridwar will be accomplished.

One of the most popular Ashrams in Haridwar is the Saptrishi Ashram, featuring 42 cottages for tourists and devotees. Rent a cottage and experience a simple and peaceful way of living. Besides, these Ashrams are a perfect spot for meditation. Whether you are in search of peace or simply want to unwind, a few Yoga poses will work.

Bird Watching and Wildlife Safari

Luckily, temples and sacred spots are not the only places you can visit in Haridwar. If you want some fun and exciting time, head to the Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar. The place is a 3.5 Kilometers drive from Haridwar. It is home to some of India’s most colourful and cute little birds. Watch these birds flying around you and listen to their soothing and melodious sound.

Once you are done watching birds and capturing them on your camera, the next spot is Rajaji National Park. It is a 10 kilometres drive from the city. Covering 1,150 sq km, this park is a perfect destination for tourists who are on the lookout for something other than the spiritual locations. The park has two entrance doors. The first one is located near Rishikesh, while the other one is in Haridwar.

Shopping in Haridwar Markets

Considering the city’s religious and spiritual roots, shopping is probably the last thing on tourists’ minds. But if you love shopping, this sacred city will not disappoint you. Haridwar is famous for its four popular shopping markets namely Moti Bazaar, Bara Bazaar, Jwalapur, and Kankhal.

You can find interesting ornaments, religious products, Ayurvedic medicine, handicrafts, and other accessories here.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Did you know Haridwar has the best and certified Ayurvedic clinics? Ayurvedic practitioners in Haridwar are known for providing a cure to a number of diseases. If you still believe in traditional healing methods, visit an Ayurvedic clinic here.

A trip to Haridwar is going to be your best ever pilgrim journey. From taking a dip in the Ganga River to exploring the Ashrams, this sacred city has it all. Avail a safe and transparent taxi service in Haridwar and explore the city conveniently.

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