Great Tips for Growing Cannabis On A Budget

Growing cannabis is a significant investment. There are a lot of marijuana growers in the country. These professional farms survive in big spaces and the big-budget that comes with their finances. However, you do not need to have a significant investment for you to grow the products.

Today we invited the professionals from to shed more light on the subject.

With that, what are the ways for you to grow cannabis on a budget?

To begin, you should find the right source of weed seeds and clones. There are different sources of bag seeds that you can find online. If you already have the primary cause, you do not need to do anything else. All you must do is to make sure that the female seeds are viable for planting. If you do not have the source, you should be able to ensure you find the right seeds.

You have two choices on this aspect. The first choice is for you to go online and find a source. The sources that you will find online are always going to be adequately vetted and selected. The next choice that you can go to is to find a legal dispensary that sells the seeds of cannabis. It can be a little bit hard to find a dispensary that you will trust throughout so growing your marijuana is a good idea. This fact is especially true if you are doing it for your use or medical purposes.

Next, you only need to find the right medium that allows for indoor growing of cannabis. The most common medium that many individuals use is soil. Soil is the most budget-friendly medium since it can get found anywhere else. You should ensure that you find the right kind of soil.

Your soil’s characteristics should be the following:

  • It should be in-ground soil that is pure. Pure soil is fertile, so it will be easier for you to plant and grow your crop. As a precaution, please make sure that you would not use the in-ground soil indoors because it may result in cross-contamination of the soil.
  • You can also choose to buy an indoor soil product that you can use. The best example for the indoor soil variety is the Fox Farm Soils.
  • There is also a variety of soil that is known as the DIY fertile soil. The size of the soil you use will depend on the variety of the worm castings, peat moss, and perlite. You should ensure you do the right combination of the soil. It is in the right combination that you will find the best growth for your crop.

On top of that, you should simultaneously apply the right watering tricks, and the lighting hacks that you would use.

What Kind Of Water Should You Use?

The right watering trick does not require you to use special water. There is no need for special distilled water.  You may only use tap water.

Our recommendation is for you to let your source of water to sit out for 24 hours. This short period would allow the pH levels of the water to settle and for the temperature to reach a reasonable room level for the crop.

Can I use rainwater?

Rainwater is the more special water that you can use. It is a better water source since it forms around the air and such dust in the atmosphere acts as fertilizer for your cannabis. It is also better since it is free from chemical treatments and you would find that rainwater gets easily absorbed by the ground.


What Kind of Lighting May I use?

Lighting is essential when it comes to the cannabis plant. When you are on a budget, you should try to you use cost-effective methods for the lighting needs of your plant. This part is where the indoor LED lights come in.

The importance of lighting on cannabis cannot be stressed enough. The UV rays ensure that there is deep penetration in terms of the nutrients that your crop would need for it to grow into a size that would be best for you and your needs,

LED lights are perhaps the cheapest kind of lighting option that you can find. They will give the light needs of your plants and also become affordable enough to save you money on paying for electricity.

Finally, you should confirm that you find the right time to plant. The best time to plant cannabis is during the less humid times. However, even with the seasonal changes, you should be able to plant and grow your crop with the information that we have provided above. There is no need to wait for the right season as the right season will always be anytime as long as you do it indoors.

An extra tip: An additional hack that would help you grow your cannabis plant is for you to allow the air to circulate on its environment. Place fans so the wind would flow adequately and make sure that you have both the intake and exhaust fans, so the air flows well. You can pull this off in the most straightforward manner, so cost should not be a problem.

The Small Budget For Big Results

The best thing about growing weed on a budget is the fact that you will control the amount that you need. For some people, marijuana is more than recreational, and it is medical. Hence, if you have a loved one who needs cannabis and all of the therapeutic benefits that come with, you will enjoy growing your batch of marijuana.

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