Discover Ways to Set Your Instagram Stories Ablaze with Amazing Apps 

Instagram is a dynamic social media platform that is characterized by constant changes. As such, it has become imperative to discover creative and innovative ways of engaging with your target audience and effectively sharing your message through your graphic designs. Introduced in 2016, Instagram Stories have been effective in providing Instagrammers with the golden opportunity for sharing videos and pictures that would be disappearing after a day or after 24 hours. With the introduction of the highlights section today, Instagrammers are having the option of incorporating their story to the highlights section just below their bio. This would actually be visible to everyone until the user wants it to be. However, whenever he wants he can delete it.

Instagram Stories are a great way of engaging with your target audience. When you use Instagram Stories, it would be helping you in appearing first when users open their Instagram app and that provides you with effective and additional ways for growing your graphic design business with on-brand pictures and videos. You must take it as a huge opportunity and you must consider using Instagram Stories to the best of your abilities. This does not only mean utilizing Instagram Stories for just a token update of a new post but also exploring effective ways of sharing your engaging stories with your target audience.

Instagram Stories is a fantastic way of sharing behind-the-scenes pictures of your activities and an effective way of sharing your brand’s message. Generally, fans and followers enjoy going through this sort of fascinating content so that they could get to know a business well and have an easy access to its inside news. Consider visiting for boosting your real Instagram followers, views, and likes.

If you could instill a creative element into your behind-the-scenes content, users would be fascinated by your content and they would be browsing through your stories every day. So how do you think you could add that kind of a creative flair to the Instagram Stories and successfully stand out from the rest? Here are some effective apps that would make things really easier for you and you could easily instill an element of creativity into your Instagram Stories.

Consider Customizing Instagram Stories Templates Using Easil

Easil is supposed to be an effective browser-based design platform offering a host of tools and templates that help you in generating top quality marketing materials, and that should include Instagram Stories photos. Whether you are utilizing your Instagram Stories for promoting special offers, driving traffic to your blog post, or announcing an Instagram takeover, there would be a relevant image template which you could effortlessly personalize and edit. The right Instagram story dimensions seem to be preset in the templates so that you could modify the copy easily the way you wish to.

Incorporate Text & Animated Effects with Adobe Spark Post

Have you come across those Instagram stories that had fascinating animated text? There is a high likelihood that they may have used the super-effective Adobe Spark Post for coming up with the story. With the help of Adobe Spark Post, you could go on incorporating text and animated effects to your pictures. With sizing meant particularly for Instagram Stories, you could simply incorporate your picture and choose appropriate animation. This would be turning your picture into a 4-second video. Remember that the app called Adobe Spark Post comes free for both the desktop and iOS.


If you are having a video which requires being stabilized or smooth, Hyperlapse would be helping you get transformed into a video pro. Just like an expert you could be recording a time-lapse or converting videos straight from the camera roll, up to as much as 12 times speed for smoothening out an unstable video footage. Suppose you are recording the video straightaway from within Hyperlapse, for Instagram Stories, you must consider recording in portrait mode.


Numerous people are using Canva mostly on their computers; however, their iOS app seems to be quite a powerful one. You could now consider creating fascinating pictures for your IS using the templates present on Canva. One of the fantastic things about creating pictures with Canva for Instagram Stories is the fact that you could be saving your current designs for using them as templates for some of your future stories. You also, have the advantage of creating more than a single image in every project that implies you could be downloading your pictures and uploading them directly to Instagram without going back and forth from one app to another.


A critical challenge while creating fascinating Instagram stories is that your images and videos actually get cropped for fitting the app’s vertical aspect ratio. With the help of InShot, you could be successfully customizing the aspect ratio of all your videos and pictures for IS. Even though the app comes absolutely free, you would be required to spend a little bit money for eliminating the InShot watermark.

Cut Story

Cut Story is an excellent tool that lets you edit video for your stories and posts on Instagram. It lets you make 15-second video segments for stories, 60-second for posts, and also allows various other lengths for other platforms out of the box. The workflow is really simple; all you have to do is select the length, add music, and have a rendered product ready to post in moments. The essentials are free but you will have to make a small in-app payment to unlock music and remove the watermark.

Unfold for Multi-Page Stories

Unfold-Story Creator on iOS is excellent for travel, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers on Instagram. It has a bunch of minimalist stylized templates that add a professional polish to your content with barely any effort on your end. You can add borders, edit fonts, and do all sorts of nifty customization, finally being able to upload to Instagram straight from the app. This is as good as it gets.


Instagram, being such a great platform, it has been adopted not only by users but also the developer community worldwide. This means you will never run out of great tools and apps to make your experience more streamlined and enjoyable, and will always be able to produce diverse and beautiful content for your graphic design business.

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