Time to Harness the Intrinsic Power of Instagram in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Ever since its inception in 2010, Instagram has been registering phenomenal growth. Facebook had understood Instagram’s real worth and bought it for $1 billion in 2012. The photo-sharing app has come a long way and established itself as a powerful social media platform that is also, a robust marketing tool for many small businesses and brands. Today, Instagram boasts of over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Instagram Posts in Email Marketing

Earlier contextual email technology used to be available and so infusing social media content directly into an email template was definitely not an easy task. Social media platform’s quick tempo would leave relatively slower email messages really lacking in the actual content relevance. In this context, we know that email marketers started cross-channel marketing using social media icons with the intention of decreasing the actual volume of content upkeep. We have witnessed how visually attractive social media icons overnight became the standard for seamlessly integrating or incorporating social media into email consistently.

Email technology seems to have dramatically evolved over the years. Today, an email is capable of displaying up-to-the-minute posts along with imagery. Whenever the email opens up for the recipient, Instagram information is at once pulled in real-time. We know that Instagram could easily become a part of any live content in the email rather than being only a logo. We have seen that social content is being synchronized seamlessly across the two powerful channels. This way you could boost real Instagram likes, followers, and views.

Instagram and Email Marketing: More Effective Together

Integrating these two robust platforms automatically boosts online brand visibility and also, email relevance right from the beginning. Instagram’s stunning pictures bring a refreshing and fascinating visual element to the conventional email’s proven ROI. Conversely, email marketing helps in driving loyal inbox readers to start following Instagram thus, fortifying the omnichannel relationship between the customers and businesses.

Boosting Email Engagement

Incorporating stunning live Instagram feed seamlessly into your email is certainly not just another way to infuse social media logos. Instagram is a powerful and vibrant social media platform that has active users who engage with the platform as many as 11 days a month, so monthly or weekly emails could be benefitting hugely from a boost in email content integration and interaction. An Instagram feed could be incorporated into an automated campaign as well thus preventing the need for constant updates. This could prove to be both time saving and money saving as well.

Some Instagram & Email Tips

  • Consider promoting email registrations even on Instagram making use of giveaways and contests.
  • Use stunning Instagram visuals for email creative.
  • Think about creating an Instagram hashtag exclusively for email users that would be promoting the advantages of signing up.
  • Consider using an Instagram hashtag for filtering pictures that are actually pulled into your email to create a personalized display.


Instagram’s live feed is not the end of the road in creating email Instagram synergy. It is high time businesses harnessed the power and popularity of Instagram to expand their overall reach and display their brand culture. Do not forget that Instagram is an excellent way of engaging with new followers, communicating clearly your brand’s values and uniqueness to users in the initial stage and encourage interaction and boost email signups by organizing contests and giveaways. Even several B2B brands are actually leveraging the power and versatility of Instagram with incredible success.


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