Getting to Know Your Cast Stone Fireplace in Southern Stone Crafters

Getting to know your Cast Stone fireplace in Southern Stone Crafters, then we have just three words, cast stones are affordable, they are versatile, and are extremely prestigious. Cast stones are used as a replica of true stones. People do use precast concretes as well and they don’t really duplicate real stones that well. They are grey in colour and cast stones are definitely better than precast. Cast stone is used to make decorative items like stone mantels, kitchen hoods, and other things. They are extremely flexible and are a value for money product, making it one of the most preferred materials for designers and architects. They are honestly just the perfect alternative for bluestone, sandstone, granite, natural cut limestone, Keystone, and other natural building stones. They don’t look artificial and can maintain that look for a longer duration. So, if you have been thinking of cast stone fireplace, then our suggestion is to get it.

Cast Stone- The history

Let us now dig into some of the facts, shall we? Did you know cast stone has been used in concrete since time immemorial? Cast stone was first used during the middle age, architects during that time used to use cast stone to create fine moulded and accurate ornaments for churches as well as the castles. They have been using this material to give a finished look to the sculpting. Plus cast stone has always been affordable and that was another reason why this was so popular during that age and still remains inexpensive. During the 1920’s it gained a lot of popularity in America and then in the 2000’s it made a huge comeback.

Now, cast stone is used for modern day house and building structures. You will see many decorative pieces in people’s house and even in commercial spaces which are made of cast stone. People use this material to make pillars, fireplace mantels, hoods for the kitchens, and more.

How is Cast Stone made?

Cast stone mixture is made by mixing many different kinds of stones, that’s how they maintain a natural look. The mixture of cast stone lets them mould it into different structures and later turn into different designs.

There are some particular cast stones which are considered to be stronger than regular cement and concrete. These properties make cast stone perfect for any kinds of designs and projects. Cast stone is strong and sturdy but lightweight, it can take any shape and designs, doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, and not easily inflammable.

The kinds of design you can make with Cast Stone

Trust us when we say that Cast Stone is extremely flexible because they honestly are and you can give it any shape that you want. So, whatever design you have in mind you can mould the cast stone into that. Cast stones are also available in an array of colors. If you are thinking of a Cast Stone fireplace mantel, then we suggest you go ahead with it. Think of a design and Cast Stone will become that.


Why buy Cast Stone from Southern Stone Crafters?

Cast Stone mantels are versatile

People usually go for quarried stone when it comes to having a mantelpiece and they usually have to settle down to the colors that are available with the company they get in touch with. But, to tell you the truth, Cast Stone is certainly better than any other material, mostly because of their versatility nature. Southern Stone Crafters let you have a plethora of color as well as texture options. No one likes to settle down with the colors or textures that are www.southern only close to what they thought of, but at Southern Stone Crafters you don’t need to compromise anything at all. Just remember that Cast Stone is versatile, therefore they can become anything that you want. If you are thinking about any particular kind of natural stone for your fireplace then guess what, Cast Stone can easily match that. Just come up with ideas and get what you have in your mind.

Cast Stone can look like Real Cut Stone

Yes, you heard it right. You don’t need to spend tons of money to design your fireplace mental piece. Just think about the real stone that you would like to surround your fireplace with and discuss with the Southern Stone Crafters, they will make the Cast Stone look as authentic as they can.

Cast Stone is durable

Cast Stones are both durable and pocket-friendly. This material can handle heat, moisture, water, cold, and is suitable for every weather. So, if you want a material which can resist any kinds of weather then choose Cast Stone.

Here’s all you need to get to know your Cast Stone fireplace in Southern Stone Crafters. Contact Southern Stone Crafters today to get the price quote and start with a masterpiece. Just visit Southern Stone Crafters and give them a call to know more about this product and to get a price quote.

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