How Can Guest Posting Be Effective in SEO?

If you are into businesses that demands SEO, you need to know that quality content is extremely important and links are among the most effective techniques to achieve higher rankings. Experts in websites have been concentrating more on write-ups and press release submissions for some time now and with the introduction of Panda update, a few have switched to guest posting or blogging and acquiring links through it.

Define Guest Posting

Guest posting means writing and publishing an original write-up or blog post on another site. It is one of the best techniques of mixing content, link building, and acquiring quality links from top ranked sites and blogs without the need to resort to unpleasant strategies like paid links and reciprocal links which most search engines are not in favor of. It is also effective in advertising your products or services and acquiring free marketing that will entice more and more clients to visit your page and become paying customers.

How to perform guest posting?

First, you need to research and create a database of sites and blogs that permit guest posting. Categorize them according to industry and particular niche categories. If you are covering specific keywords, look for blogs that rank high on them and will permit guest posting. This kind of sites must be your priority.

As soon as you have created a database, begin brainstorming concepts and subject matters that you can write about and submit to the selected blogs and sites. Finalize a list of topics and start contacting possible webmasters. You have to show your interest to submit guest posts for their pages in return for a link. The link is usually shown in the publisher’s bio. Send your sample article to the website owner so they can see how good your content is. Once the post is published live, post a link on your other social site accounts to make it viral and provide some traction to them too.

A few experts will expect you to give accompanying photos for the post too. A few owners will just permit particular topics to be posted so before creating a post, propose topics and based on their replies and permission, continue accordingly.

Important reminders

  1. Use original content. You have to establish a good reputation and rapport with the other experts so that they will continue to post the content.
  2. The content must be educational.
  3. Conduct the research correctly and enhance your content with images if necessary.
  4. The content must be based on evidences and not just mere opinions.
  5. Establish good relationships with other web experts and clients.
  6. Always express gratitude to the webmaster once the content is posted and submit contributions on a regular basis. Your goal is to establish a community.

So what are you waiting for? Try this effective and natural SEO approach of creating links and building relationships among fellow webmasters.

George Wilson operates an Internet Marketing and SEO Consulting Firm that specializes in helping small to medium size businesses have more clients by using New Media Marketing. George posses an extensive background in LA SEO Management Services and accredited as a Project Management Professional. He is a family man and committed to his clients.

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