The American Midwest’s top luxury holiday home destinations

The American Midwest is one of the most understated vacation destinations in the US. Often overlooked in favor of more world-famous American destinations, such as New York City, California and Florida, this central chunk of the country is much loved by those who visit it. This area is home to a range of gorgeous rural destinations, including lakes in the northern parts and plains to the south.

But it’s not just countryside on offer here, either. There is also a range of amazing cities here, such as Chicago. Whatever pace of life you enjoy, the Midwest is an ideal holiday destination – and a great place to have a second place to live. Here, then, are just some of the best places in the Midwest for a luxury holiday home.

Charlevoix, MI

The Charlevoix area is one of Michigan’s real hidden gems, and it’s the sort of place that makes for a great holiday destination. The region has not one but two lakes nearby, the eponymous Lake Charlevoix as well as Lake Michigan, and there’s plenty of rural farmland and other green space to explore if lakes aren’t your thing.

If you like physical activity, opting for a holiday home here is a great idea, given that there are so many things to do in the local area. Sailing is a common activity here, but the atmosphere is quite relaxed – and it’s possible to participate in as many or as few outdoor pursuits as you like. Culture vultures, meanwhile, can enjoy spending their vacations in areas that inspired Ernest Hemingway – and if that’s not enough to keep you occupied before you head home, there are plenty of shopping facilities on offer.

This atmosphere also means you’ll have plenty of inspiration for your luxury holiday home in Charlevoix. The outdoorsy aspect of life here allows you to fill the decor of your home with deep and rich hues such as browns and greens, while if you go for a lake house, you’ll be able to incorporate panoramic windows and wooden accessories.

Deer Valley, UT

There are plenty of great places in the US to set up a second home if you’re interested in skiing. Some of them, however, face problems such as overcrowding and high levels of tourism, which can make it very difficult to enjoy a relaxed pace of life if you invest in a second home there. Deer Park and Park City in Utah, however, don’t face these problems.

Life here is fun and sporty: casual mountain bike rentals are available, for example, while there are plenty of great restaurants in the area. With a range of options such as condominiums and townhouses on offer, there are plenty of housing choices available, whether you prefer Deer Valley condos or another style of living altogether.

Marblehead, OH

Tucked away in a popular corner of Ohio, the Marblehead Peninsula has a range of cute towns, exciting attractions and more available for second-home owners to enjoy. If you’re planning to take your family along to your second home, there are lots of great activities to enjoy here,such as the Train-O-Rama model railroad, the African Safari Wildlife Park and more. And if you’re looking for some scenic walking spots, some of the finest scenery in the Midwest – such as the view of Cedar Point from Lake Point Park – is available here.

Marblehead has a cutesy and retro way of life, and that means you have many comfortable decor options available. There’s not much scope here for the sort of minimalistic luxury you might find in the penthouses of Chicago: instead, it’s all about plush sofas, plump cushions, fluffy rugs and other sources of luxury. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, though, as you can furnish your new Marblehead holiday property with high-end mahogany dining tables, solid oak dressers and more.

While the Midwest may not have the same sort of worldwide reputation as other, more established American holiday destinations, there are plenty of reasons to consider siting your luxury holiday home here. From the amazing family-friendly attractions on offer in locations such as the Marblehead Peninsula to the snow sporting options of places such as Deer Valley in Utah, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to narrowing down the list of potential places. With all of these locations offering amazing natural beauty, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for luxury interior decor choices right on your doorstep once you’ve found your perfect property.

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