How to Buy Crypto in Ukraine?

The crypto industry has shown significant growth over the past couple of years. More and more platforms for dealing with digital assets are appearing on the market, and crypto projects are developing rapidly. Because of that, many people who had not been previously interested in the crypto sphere began to wonder where to buy cryptocurrency and how to make money on it.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges provide various tools for performing transactions with digital assets. The broadest functionality is offered on CEXs. Examples are Binance, Kuna, WhiteBIT, and others. It is possible to buy crypto in Ukraine on all popular major platforms. Let us consider some of the available options.


WhiteBIT is a Ukrainian crypto exchange that allows purchasing crypto assets for UAH and via bank cards. When using a monobank card, there is no fee for replenishing the balance on the exchange. The fee for replenishment with other bank cards is 0.7%.

To buy crypto for hryvnia, a user must sign up and pass an identity verification procedure. All major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges require identity verification, which unlocks the full functionality for customers. It is done to ensure maximum security for users and their assets as, when it comes to a CEX, clients’ investments are stored on the exchange’s wallets.

Users without identity verification can perform a crypto exchange using the Exchange service. However, getting verified is a must to make operations with fiat.


The platform also allows users to buy crypto for hryvnia; nevertheless, you will need to use the Advcash service. Customers can also top up their balances with hryvnia via bank cards and then perform transactions with crypto. There are no fees if using the Advcash service to deposit hryvnia, and assets are quickly credited to the balance. Advcash is also used to withdraw assets from the exchange. Identity verification is required if a user wants to purchase cryptocurrency for fiat.


Another option for buying cryptocurrency in Ukraine is via the Currency crypto exchange. It also requires signing up and identity verification. Purchasing digital assets for hryvnia is possible with MasterCard and Visa cards. A user can buy 1,300 tokenized assets with a credit or debit card.

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