How to Choose Professional Lawn Care Services

Did you know the average American spends up to 70 hours a year working on their yard or garden? Investing in lawn care can be a quick way to add precious hours back into your weekend.

Whether you are looking for regular yard maintenance or professionals to solve complex problems, hiring lawn care services can be a smart investment.

If you are thinking about finding a lawn care company, there are several important things to be on the lookout for. Keep reading to learn more about how to hire the best lawn care services in your area. 

Compare Services Offered

After reading reviews and talking to neighbors, put together a shortlist of professional lawn care companies you are interested in researching further. Not every company offers the same menu of services, so it’s a great idea to understand what you are signing up for. 

Here are a number of questions to consider:

  • What does a standard yard treatment include?
  • Does weeding include flower and garden beds?
  • Are there options to tailor services?
  • Are natural or organic lawn services offered?

Get an idea if employees have a wide range of experience, like treating pests or trimming hedges. Or is their primary focus cutting and maintaining lawns? It’s important to know what type of relationship you are signing up for and what type of service you can expect.

Get Multiple Bids

Instead of seeking out the cheapest option, ask for bids tailored to your lawn care needs. Make sure bids are comprehensive and include a breakdown of the fees and services.

While every yard is different, there are average prices you can keep in mind when searching out lawn care services. In general, lawn mowing usually costs anywhere between $50 to $210 for homeowners. Regular maintenance costs about $50-$200 per visit or $135 per month.

Keep in mind that special projects like aeration and leaf removal may come with an additional price tag. 

Do Additional Research

It’s important to find a local company that prides itself on reliable customer service. A professional lawn care service will have a large clientele and respond quickly to inquiries.

It’s a good idea to dig deeper and research their local reputation. Ask about how they maintain their equipment and if they belong to any trade organizations. Also, try to find a company that doesn’t require a long-term contract. 

Search for a company that’s licensed and insured—to protect yourself from liability. When it comes to navigating quality lawn care services, it’s a good idea to have a professional and insured business, like those at

Find Lawn Care Services

Investing in lawn care services can immediately save you time and peace of mind. When considering which company to hire, research available services, get multiple bids and make sure to choose a licensed provider.

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