How to Choose a Digital Marketing Course Online

Want to learn digital marketing online or offline? There are many digital marketing agencies out there that provide both online & offline training. But the problem is how to choose the best digital marketing training in India?

Well, online training is good for working professionals who are interested to upgrade their skills or want to change domain but don’t have time for classroom training.

However, classroom trainings are more interactive and effective and are mainly for those who are in college or can manage time at least in the week days. Yes, you can attend some special weekend batches also, but again it depends upon how much engaged you are in your personal life.

But for both the cases, you should do necessary enquiry first to find the best digital marketing training with good course content and reputation in the market.

Tips To choose the best digital marketing institute in India

Everyone wants to connect with the best digital marketing institute for good exposure, after training job assistance, good material etc. There are many institutes claiming them as best digital marketing training providers.

You will find many cheap online video sessions too. Many self-proclaim digital marketing experts are also there who are providing online training etc. To make your task simple, here is the 5 point checklist with which you can try to analyse every training course.

Quality of DEMO Session

Whether it’s online or offline, every digital marketing course should start with a demo session. You must attend the DEMO session first and make sure to get the maximum out of it. Ask the basic questions to get clarity.

After attending a good DEMO session, you can easily understand the potential of the course, whether it will help you to grow or not. At the same time, you will also understand how much experience the trainer is having.

So, do attend the demo session first and with your 100% attention try to understand the quality of content they are sharing in their training curriculum.

Modules Structure/ Course Curriculum

Digital marketing is a vast subject and there are several topics which come under the umbrella of it. As a beginner you should not target everything at one go, but make sure that you don’t miss any of the core chapters of digital marketing. Make sure your course is having these items on their syllabus.



Trainer’s Practical Experience

There are many digital marketing experts who are giving online training. But try to find out how many of them have real time work experience where they have helped brands to grow digitally.

How many of them worked on challenging SEO campaigns and what strategies they have applied to get success. I am sure you can ask these questions during the DEMO session and understand how good the trainer is.

Company Reputation

As a professional and successful digital marketing company, your training institute must have worked with many reputed clients. Try to find out the list of such clients, authenticate the data and try to evaluate their reputation online.

You can ask your friends, or people who have already completed a course from them. You can easily find such people using LinkedIn.

Practical Sessions

Digital marketing is not a theoretical course. It is all about analytics and practical implementation of ideas. So, one must have genuine interest to become a good digital marketing consultant.

To do that you have to practice a lot, need to learn how to build website, write quality content, find low competition keywords, do on-page SEO things etc. So, your course should have scope of maximum hour of practical sessions online or offline.


There are various career options for a digital marketing consultant. You can work for any company as SEO analyst, SEM manager, Social media manager or a complete Digital Marketing manager. If you have any target towards any of these career options, make sure you ask similar questions during demo session.

The demand for digital marketers is going to be high and India is a very hot market for that. So, if you have plan then invest in a good digital marketing training and learn as early as possible. Also, make sure that you are choosing the right digital marketing course following this basic check list.

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