Tips which you should follow to flaunt your gorgeous skin

You have always wanted a gorgeous and nourished skin and remain one step ahead of your friends. and who does not want that to happen? If you have a gorgeous skin, you will bound to become an attention seeker. However, it is not that easy to be able to achieve a gorgeous skin considering the daily ordeal that you have to go through. Being the uppermost layer of our body, the skin has to bear a lot. It goes through pollution, dirt and dust, and the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, it tends to lose its glow with the passing days. Age, is also another factor that works as a fuel to this and reduces the glow of our skin.

Aren’t we enough educated on how to follow a skin regime and keep our skin nourished? Who does not know the technique of cleansing-toning and moisturizing in this earth?  The market is flooded with different varieties of sunscreens, face wash and anti-ageing creams. The online platforms often leave us spoilt for choices. As we run towards achieving a gorgeous skin with these branded products, we forget our basics. Let us consider some tips that are simple yet precious for our skin. If followed meticulously, they can help us obtain a gorgeous skin that we have always desired.

  • Sleeping with your make up on-A complete No-No

After a hectic day, it is obvious, you feel tired and dizzy. All you want to cuddle in your bed right after your dinner. But, what about the make-up that you put while you stepped out of our house in the morning? Have you ever thought of removing it before you hit your bed? If you still have not, it is time for you to dig your brain a bit and find the reason. Just like your body, your skin also needs to rejuvenate.

A makeup free skin can breathe easily at night while you sleep and get rid of the possibilities of a clogged skin and blackheads.  Don’t worry even if you don’t have a makeup remover. A cotton pad soaked with some olive oil can help get rid of your makeup and dirt.  To achieve a gorgeous skin, exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Instead of using those pricy exfoliation creams, go for a home made natural paste. Mix powered form of walnut with yogurt and get the gorgeous skin.

  • Sunscreen – A complete protection for your skin

Who does not want to look beautiful? Make up aids up the process of beautification. However, you will be wondered to know that a lot of women still do not know the use of a sunscreen. They don’t bother to put sunscreen before they finally step out of their house which leaves them with tanned and burned skins. Also, the choice of a perfect sunscreen is very important. Always go for the ones with at least SPF 15 that can work against both UVA and UVB rays.  Don’t ignore applying a coat of sunscreen as prolonged exposure to sun are the reasons of age spots, wrinkles and other types of skin problems. While buying the products, ensure the products have noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic labels which aids the process of blockage. If you are planning a beach holiday, you should apply more sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.

  • Check what your diet is

The things that you put on your plate, you should always have a check on it. Supplement your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and vitamins and proteins. If you want a gorgeous skin, then your diet should be rich in Vitamin C and low in fats. Stay away from spicy and fried foods. This will ensure gorgeous skin in the long run.

 Exercise- The Best Mantra for a Gorgeous skin

You can get the necessary blood circulation if you exercise regularly. While your blood circulation increases, you move one step ahead towards obtaining a gorgeous skin. After regular work ups, you will certainly notice a visible glow on your face. Before heading out for exercising, put a toner that would help reduce oil production. After you are done exercising, you should apply olive oil that will help moisturize the skin.

  • Sleeping 8 hours at night is mandatory

Every night, try to sleep at least for eight hours. Even if you don’t get enough sleep, then keep your eyes shut. Sleep is essential because the area around your eyes sags and look dull and boring if you don’t sleep for enough time. It also helps you get rid of bags under the eyes and make you look fresh the day after. To achieve a gorgeous skin, sleeping 8 hours is mandatory. Also, before hitting the bed, wash your face with a soft face wash and don’t forget to moisturize it well.

  • Drink Adequate Amount of Water

The mantra for obtaining gorgeous skin is to drink enough quantities of water and keep yourself hydrated. Experts say that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Also, it is advisable to take fruits and vegetables that have a high-water content. Another trick is to get yourself used to rose water and see the difference yourself. It will not only prevent the puffiness of your eyes but it will also hydrate your skin if sprinkled on your skin at intervals.

Are you still struggling to get the gorgeous skin that you have always desired to achieve? You feel envious when you see the gorgeous skin of others. Always remember, no matter how hard you try to obtain a gorgeous skin with the use of artificial products but they can never give you the ultimate results. Natural tips and techniques are extremely beneficial as they come with hardly any side effects. Moreover, buying those expensive products can be a pocket pinch at times while these natural tips are really pocket friendly.


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