The various causes, symptoms and treatments of lower back pain

Lower back straining or overstraining of lower back muscles is the leading cause of lower back pain. This pain mainly takes place in the left side. Lumbar strain or lower back strain is the kind of stretch injury affecting the muscles, ligaments of the lower back and tendons. This sort of condition results from improper use of back or body trauma. Women suffer from it more than men. This is due to the fact that women experience more of hormonal changes. Greatphysical changes take place during the time of pregnancy. Some of the potential causes of lower back ache are nervous irritation, lumbar strain, bony encroachment and also lumbar radiculopathy.

Treatment for lower back ache

If you are obese, you should lose weight to get relief from back ache. The doctor can prescribe you TSH test to find if there is thyroid disorder. At times, fluctuation in TSH level also leads to back ache. Exercise is the best way to reduce the symptoms. Stretch your back and do some exercises as suggested by physical therapist. If there is extreme pain in the back, you must find the best back doctor. Millions of people now suffer from lower back ache and is one of the leading causes of seeing a physician. Proper diagnosis and timely treatment can bring about relief. Many factors may cause pain at the back. The body structure can also cause pain in the back. Some of the structures are spinal column bones, ligaments, nerves and joints. Then, there may be any underlying medical condition causing such back discomfort. Proper diagnosis and treatment of back ache rests on the symptoms and the exact location of the back ache.

Symptoms of lower back ache

Some of the symptoms of lower back ache are shooting or stabbing sensation at the back. The pain at the back is so much that you find it difficult to stand or move. It may also make it difficult to assume the right posture when sitting. Severe back ache results from injury at the back, sports injury or due to heavy lifting. If the pain continues for more than 2-3 months, then it is chronic. A physical therapist can help in this respect. A combination of treatments will be required to alleviate the symptoms. If there is fever due to pain, contact the doctor immediately.

The various treatments for lower back ache

Apply hot and cold packs at home. You can also use topical analgesic creams and balms. It is important to avoid any back straining or avoid injury to the back. Avoid lifting weights as that can strain your back. Try to avoid the use of over-the-counter drugs and medicines. The treatment relies on the cause of back ache and the symptoms. If the symptoms are severe, a combination of treatments will be needed. To get long term results, it is better to exercise. Exercise rehabilitation is safe and natural. Consult with physiotherapist who can suggest you exercises.

How to avoid back ache?

Live an active lifestyle and avoid any injury to the back. You may also adopt specific programs to prevent pain at the back or relieve back ache. Physician specialty can diagnose and treat back ache. These specialties are general medicine, medicine physicians, internal medicine and spine surgeon.Diabetes foot care measures should be adopted along with treatment for back ache if you are diabetic and suffer from lower back ache. Massage therapists and chiropractors can bring about relief from back ache.

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